Boyfriends/Girlfriends (RF2)

In the Second Generation of Rune Factory 2, your character is able to date (but not marry) several boys or girls. If successful at wooing the character, an "ultimate love" event much like a wedding will occur. It is possible to get this same event with a character of the same gender; however, this event is an "ultimate friendship" instead.

[edit] Boyfriends

  • Leonel: Leonel is the son of Barrett and Dorothy/Yue. He is often mistaken for a girl, which upsets him (although he'll only tell you is he trusts you).
  • Orland: Orland is the son of Jake and Cecilia/Yue. He can be cold and arrogant, much like his father, but also has a warm heart.
  • Roy: Roy is Tanya's son, and the only boyfriend that is also a character in the First Generation. Roy is goofy and likes to take risks, but he'll always look up to you as the true adventurer.

[edit] Girlfriends

  • Leann: Leann is the daughter of Max and Julia/Yue. She is quiet and reserved, but can also be friendly. She often tells stories that Cecilia has told her, but takes fright at them easily.
  • Cammy: Cammy is Gordon's daughter, and the only girlfriend also present as a character in the First Generation. She is outgoing, friendly, and in many ways much like Roy.
  • Sera and Serena: Sera and Serena are the daughters of Ray and Rosalind/Yue. Although the two are twins, they are certainly not alike: Sera prefers to read, while Serena likes the outdoors. They often finish each other's sentences.

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