BirthdaySummer 1
FamilyGrandfather Tai, and brother Tim.
ResidenceBlacksmith's Shop
Game AppearancesSpring 3rd

[edit] Description

Bob is known as the "shipping" man, or often refered as. He is usually seen in the pastures of Blue Sky ranch during the day and perfers Perch Inn for lunch time, but can be found at Cafe Callaway sometimes. If you choose to marry Bob, your rival would be Gwen. As for him being Tai's grandson, you would've never guessed. That is, unless you knew.

Favourites: Special Egg.

Likes: Cake, Eggs, Milkshakes, Ores, Spinach, Coral.

Dislikes: Eggplant, Mushrooms, Toadstools.

Bob you will meet on the 3rd of summer, where he tells you about your shipping bin and how to use it.

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