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Bianca, a returning bachelorette from the game Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, moves into the village of Trampoli on Summer 2. Her mansion is placed behind Erik's farm and is used as her summer home. She will not stay past the season of summer unless you trigger an event to make her stay.

Birthday: Summer 8

Favorite gift: None

Most liked gifts: None

Most hated gift: Rice ball

Constellation event: Summer, 6:30-8:00 pm, Elephant constellation

Bath event: Weekdays 10:00-11:00 pm, Holidays 10:00-11:00 pm fine weather.


[edit] How to woo Bianca:

There is not really any gift that Bianca likes... Bianca is unique in that the best (and pretty much only) way to raise her affection is just by simply talking to her. Items won't do anything to her LP unless it's for a festival. Some people say she is stuck up and snobby, but many seem to overlook the fact that all she asks for is frienship and conversation. Talk to her once or twice each day and her hearts will increase.

[edit] How to get Bianca to stay/move in:

To get Bianca to stay in the village when summer is over, you must give her a pet elephant... you can do this by visiting the deeper part of Whale Island. Keep walking further into the interior of Whale Island towards the Fin area, and you'll run into a pink and purple monster that looks like an elephant - he means no harm, and will only circle around you. If you have the barn built (in fact, you must have it built to witness this event) he will appear in your barn next time you go there. Then, the next time you visit Bianca's mansion, the elephant will have followed you there. A cutscene will ensue where Biance will request to keep the elephant as a pet. When you say yes, she'll be happy and name him Francois. Since Francois can't survive in any other conditions, Bianca decides to stay in Trampoli permamently to take care of him.

[edit] Heart/Marriage Event:

  • When you have reached 8 LP with Bianca, visit her mansion.
  • You will find Bianca shriek and fall to the ground - Francoise has run wild and hurt her.
  • You will ask if she's okay and Tabatha will run to her aid.
  • When Bianca denies that Francoise hurt her, Tabatha makes her tell the truth.
  • Next, Tabatha looks to you and tells you that you need to send Francoise back to the First Forest.
  • Bianca is upset (and so is Tabatha) and she begins to cry, but she decides to let him go.
  • You send Francoise back to the First Forest
  • Bianca decides to stay regardless of the fact that her longtime pet is gone.

[edit] Constellation Event:

  • After you have viewed Bianca's elephant constellation, visit her the next day. She will drop a piece of paper and when you point that out, she will give it to you and you read that there's a clue on it. Bianca will tell you to follow the clue.
  • Go to the observatory and examine the bushes. You'll find another slip of paper with a clue.
  • Next, go to Lake Poli and ride the kayak to the island in the very center of the lake, with the big tree.
  • Walk around the small island and examine the grass to find the next item - a diamond.
  • Take the diamond back to Bianca. When you reach her front path, you'll find a wedding ring on the ground.
  • Bianca will come out and comment on the ring - she takes the ring for herself but tells you to keep the diamond.

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