A head-shot of Bianca.

A wealthy, solitary girl, Bianca de Sainte-Coquille lives with her father Jasper. Their mansion is to the east of the Plaza entrance. Bianca is cared for by their maid, Tabatha. She doesn't leave the mansion much so you can always find her inside somewhere. The only times she leaves the house is to visit the Plaza on the weekend, and Melody's Spa late on Friday nights. Since she's so well-to-do, Bianca will never be very impressed with any gifts you might give to her.

Birthday - 8th of Summer
Wife Gift - Cake

Favorite Gift - None
Liked Gifts - None
Disliked Gifts - None

Raising Love Points - Since Bianca is extremely rich, she is not flattered by gifts of any sort. Instead you must simply talk to her every day, including the Beach Open and Spring Festival holidays. Another way to boost her love points is to activate the Moonlit Eve and Sacred Night events.

Special Marriage Requirements - Bianca's requirements are fairly simple. All you have to do is talk to her during the festivals when she is in the plaza. But raising her LP is a challenge since she does not accept gifts. You must also have Jasper at three or more Friend Points.

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