Bath-house events (RFF)

Bath-house events occur in Rune Factory Frontier. When Raguna enters the bath at a certain time, he will hear voices from the other side of the bath. Also remember you can only take baths once a day, so be sure to go in the right time. You can tell which event you're going to get by looking at who the people are in the girl's side of the bath. Note that you will pass out after each event and get a very small bit of your RP taken.

Bath-house events:

Day of the Week Time Character Requirements
Holiday (with Anette) and Any day (with Rosetta) 7-8 pm (with Anette) and 9 pm (with Rosetta) Mist None
Any day 9 pm Rosetta None
Holiday 3 pm Eunice None
Everyday 0-2 am Melody None
Holidays 7-8 pm Anette None
Holiday 6 pm Lara None
Friday or Any day 4 pm or 11 pm Selphy None
Any day 6 pm Cinnamon None
Any day 5 pm Iris (both of them) They must be living in the village
Any day 8 pm Uzuki None
Any day 10 pm Bianca After Minerva moves into the village
Any day 10 pm Tabatha After her sister, Minerva moves into the village

[edit] Initiating Melody's Bath-house Event

Activating Melody's bath-house event is tricky since you need 3 friendship with her first. Buy a bath from Melody before she closes the bath-house. Then leave and wait for Midnight-2:00 am in game time, then knock on the bath-house door. If you have 3 friendship points with her, she should open the door for you. Just go into the bath like you normally do, and since you've already paid, you'll experience the event.

[edit] Initiating Lara's Bath-House Event

Lara's bath-house event is a bit difficult to activate because she has to be completely alone for it to happen - if anybody else is standing in the girl's bath with her, it will not activate. This can be hard because even though hers is only on the holidays, many times Cinnamon and Candy will also be there on holidays at the same time from 6:00 - 7:00. If this is the case, you will witness Cinnamon and Candy's event, and not Lara's. One way to fix this is by going to Candy the previous Friday and having her use runeys to make it rain for a week. This is helpful because Candy and Cinnamon will NOT be at the bath-house if it's raining.

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