Bachelors AP

These available men that are up for marriage are the boys that you can choose to woo or marry later on in the game. Unfortunately, each one likes and hates different things, so be careful of what you give your potential spouse!

Each of them also has a rival, heart events, preffered pets and clothing options, and, of course, a birthday. The Harvest King and Wizard do not have rivals or rival children. Their birthdays are unknown.



[edit] Calvin

This adventurous explorer can be met during the process of ringing the Yellow Bell. You will officially unlock him after legitimately ringing the Yellow Bell, and he will live at the Ocarina Inn afterward. He will give you an Ancient Tablet during the Yellow Bell. Rumor has it that if you sell/destroy/give away the Ancient Tablet he will not marry you. This is yet to be tested and confirmed.

Rival: Phoebe

Rival-child: Heath (Boy)

Birthday: Winter 14

Best Gifts: Amber, Apple Cocktail, Cranberry Cocktail, Crystal, Grape Cocktail, Hot Coffee, Remedy, Spinel, Diamond accessories
Good Gifts: Pinkcat Flower, Lavender, Green Bell Flower, Rare Ore, Crystal, Sea Urchin, Mussel, Clam, Boiled Egg, Coconut Cocktail

Preferred Clothes: Brown Cowboy Hat

Preferred Pet: Collie

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Topaz
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Diamond
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Brass Bar @ 4:00 PM


  • Loved Gifts: "Oh hey, this is a great present. I'm so happy, thank you. I really appreciate it."
  • Liked Gifts: "This is such a thoughtful present. Thank you."
  • Neutral Gifts: "This is nice. Thank you."
  • Disliked Gifts: "I don’t really like this. I’m sorry you had to go through the trouble of bringing it."
  • Rainy Days: "I don't mind walking in the rain."
  • Three Hearts: "I love to lay on the ground and stare at the sky. On days with a nice breeze, I enjoy watching the windmill at Flute Fields."
  • Wearing Preferred Clothes: "Hey, you look sharp today! That ten gallon hat suits you nicely. You look radiant!"
  • Meeting Preferred Pet: "-Pet Name- looks like a smart fellow. Hehehe, nice to meet you!"

[edit] Chase

This peach-haired young man works at the Brass Bar at night, and lives in Flute Fields besides Marimba Farm. Chase will visit the Brass Bar but won't officially cook there until you ring the Red Bell, saving the power of fire for the island.

Rival: Maya

Rival-child: Dakota (Girl)

Birthday: Spring 23

Best Gifts: Shining Duck Egg, Shining Goat Milk, Shining Egg, Orange Juice, Orange Pie, Orange Cake, Marmalade, Orange Ice Cream
Good Gifts: Perfect Egg, Sea Urchin, Oyster, Cookies, Strawberry Milk, Clam, Mussel, Pinkcat Flower, Green Tea, Herb Tea, Pansy, Shining Potato

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Good Salt
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Orange Cake
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Flute Fields @ 4:00 PM


  • Loved Gifts: "Wow, how did you know that I liked this? Thank you! I am so happy right now."
  • Liked Gifts: "Wow, thanks. I like this very much. I'm quite happy."
  • Neutral Gifts: "For me? Wow, thanks."
  • Disliked Gifts: "Well, I'm not too fond of this."
  • Five Hearts: "I feel defeated to fall in love with someone... I don't mind though."

[edit] Gill

This fellow here is no joke, and is the son of Hamilton, the mayor of Harmonica Town. He lives with his dad at their house. He will show up right after you ring the blue bell, but won't be on your friend list or be around town till you ring the green bell. When you marry this sour-looking, pretty boy, he turns into a real sweetheart.

Rival: Luna

Rival-child: Vivian (Girl)

Birthday: Winter 2

Best Gifts: Gold, Gold accessories, Sapphire accessories, Emerald accessories, Tomato Omelet, Tomato Juice, Melon Ice Cream, Remedy
Good Gifts: Pinkcat Flower, Pansy, Tulip, Sunflower, Cold Medicine, Bodigizer, Lavender, Blue Herb, Black Pearl, Rare Metal, Shining Milk

Preferred Clothes: Green Earmuffs

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Sakura Seashell
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Green Ear Muffler
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Sonata Tailoring @ 4:00 PM


  • Loved Gifts: "Hm? This is a favourite of mine! Thank you... I'm very happy."
  • Liked Gifts: "Oh, I like things like this. I'll accept it. Thank you."
  • Neutral Gifts: "Hmm, this is... Well, I guess I should say thank you."
  • Disliked Gifts: "I don't think I want to accept that."
  • Birthday Gift: "A... birthday present? Thank you, I'm so happy."
  • Sunny Days: "My mood doesn't soar just because the weather is nice, but it's better than rain."
  • Sunny Days When Married: "You look so happy when the weather is nice, -Name-. That's what made me start to like sunny days."
  • Rainy Days: "Rainy days are annoying. But it's a welcome rain, we should be thankful."
  • Wearing Preferred Clothes: "That's the one I sent you! I knew it woud suit you of course, becuase I chose it!"
Harvest King aka Ignis

[edit] Harvest King

Otherwise known as the Harvest God, this king of kings lives on the 45th floor of the Garmon Upper Mines. You will finally be able to meet him after you have completed the main storyline and chimed all of the bells. Unfortunately, ladies, this royal king will not live with you after marriage or work on your farm but will have kids and they will work on your farm.

Rival: None

Rival-child: None

Birthday: Unknown

Best Gifts: Ruby accessories, Grape Cocktail, Apple Cocktail, Shining Apple, Shining Grape
Good Gifts: Anemone, Olive Cocktail, Shining Cherry, Shining Honey, Shining Milk, Shining Egg, Shining Mayonnaise

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: None
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Shining Apple
  • 5 Hearts - Date: King's Seat @ 4:00 PM

Secret Name: Ignis


  • Loved Gifts: "Oh, you pay attention to detail. My highest regards."
  • Liked Gifts: "I see, that's not too bad. I shall accept it."
  • Neutral Gifts: "Well, I don't hate it. I shall accept it."
  • Sunny Days: "It's nice weather today. The sunlight feels good."
  • Stormy Days: "Imbecile! Don't come here in this weather! Go home now!"

[edit] Jin

The serious and hard-working doctor, Jin lives at Harp Clinic. He is very easy to befriend; he loves receiving Remedy which is sold at the clinic for 180G once Jin is back. He will not be on the island until you ring the Blue Bell, restoring the boating service back to Castanet.

Rival: Anissa

Rival-child: Van (Boy)

Birthday: Winter 26

Best Gifts: Pontata Root, Cold Medicine, Bodigizer XL, Remedy, Herb Tea, Pickled Vegetables, Vegetable Juice
Good Gifts: Fugue Mushroom, Perfect Honey, Hyacinth, Oyster, Lavender, Blue Herb, Strawberry Milk

Preferred Clothes: Round Silver Glasses

Preferred Pet: Raccoon

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Cold Medicine
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Remedy
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Brass Bar @ 4:00 PM


  • Loved Gifts: "Oh my, this is very nice. Thank you very much. I'm so happy."
  • Liked Gifts: "Oh my, thank you very much for this. I’m very pleased."
  • Neutral Gifts: "Oh my, thank you."
  • Disliked Gifts: "Um… Are you trying to get back at me for something?"
  • Wearing Preferred Clothes: "Oh my, those wide-rimmed glasses really change your look. They suit you well."
  • Meeting Preferred Pet: "Oh my. What a nice pet."

[edit] Julius

This sir here is very fashionable and sweet. He works at the Accessory Shop, where he used to work for Mira’s husband but now works for Mira herself since his boss passed away. To restore the Accessory Shop, convince Mira to return to the shop when she is in the church. Julius will be on the island from the start of the game living in house in Flute Fields.

Rival: Candace

Rival-child: Angie (Girl)

Birthday: Fall 21

Best Gifts: Shining Strawberry, Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire, Amethyst accessories, Boiled Pumpkin, Shining Perfume, Shining Pumpkin, Rose
Good Gifts: Perfect Milk, Perfect Strawberry, Herb Tea, Pinkcat Flower, Hyacinth, Lavender, Tulip, Sunflower, Raspberry Cocktail, Remedy, Sakura Seashell, Mussel, Pearl, Black Pearl, Peridot, Amber, Topaz, Cookies, Perfect Flax Yarn, Bodigizer XL, Strawberry Milk

Preferred Clothes: Blue Muffler

Preferred Pet: Brown Weasel

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Amethyst
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Blue Muffler
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Flute Fields @ 4:00 PM


  • Loved Gifts: "Oh my, I love this! I'm so happy! Thank you very much! I'm so touched. -star and heart-"
  • Liked Gifts: "Oh, I like this! You're so thoughtful. I'm very pleased."
  • Neutral Gifts: "Thank you. It’s not quite what I had in mind, but it’s the thought that counts."
  • Disliked Gifts: "What is this? I hate this!"
  • Autumn: "They say Autumn is the season of art, but art has no season. You have to always keep your antenna up for inspiration."
  • Stormy Days: "Oh my, the only person crazy enough to walk outside on days like this is you!"
  • Wearing Preferred Clothes: "Oh, that's the present I gave you! -star- Hehehe, it suits you well. I have such a good eye for these things. It's so pretty. -heart-"
  • Meeting Preferred Pet: "Oh my, it's so cute. You have a good eye to have picked that one."

[edit] Luke

Son of the carpenter’s, Luke is very hot-blooded and energetic. He works at the Carpenter’s after you find him trying to chop a tree deep into the Fugue Forest in Flute Fields. When you meet him in Fugue Forest, he will give you his Old Axe, which can be used to chop trees and stumps for lumber. Most of the time when he stands out side of the carpenters, he will swing his axe around. Do not be hurt if he hits you, your family or your livestock.

Rival: Selena

Rival-child: Lucy (Girl)

Birthday: Summer 8

Best Gifts: Ruby accessories, Spinach Cake, Coconut Cocktail, Banana, Chocolate Banana, Banana Pudding, Banana Ice Cream, Curry Bread
Good Gifts: Shining Honey, Shining Spicy Pepper, Perfect Mayonnaise, Pineapple, Tulip, Gold, Rare Metal, Coconut, Mussel

Preferred Clothes: Fire Bandana

Preferred Pet: Baby Boar

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Good Honey
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Vegetable Curry
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Flute Fields @ 4:00 PM


  • Loved Gifts: "Whoa! Really? How did you know what I liked? Thank you! You've made me so happy!"
  • Liked Gifts: "Oh, thank you. I really like it. I'm so happy!"
  • Neutral Gifts: "Oh, thank you. –music note-"
  • Disliked Gifts: "I don’t like this, but I’m happy you thought of me…"
  • Four Hearts: "Ever since I was young, all I remember is my father scolding me... Well... He's praised me before too, but he always looks mad, so it's hard to tell."
  • Six Hearts: "Lately, I get distracted from work when I think about you, -Name-... Why am I so timid!?"
  • Seven Hearts: "When I get to see you, I get so happy. You make me feel uplifted. But I feel like I have nothing I can offer you in return..."
  • Wearing Preferred Clothes: "Oh, that looks great! I have the same bandana in a different colour! It's nice, we can match a little."
  • Meeting Preferred Pet: "Oh, you have a pet? That's great. These have a certain charm to them. Nice to meet you!"

[edit] Owen

Owen is a muscle-y man and can be very goofy at times. He often visits the Brass Bar after a long day at work. You can meet up with this tough but gentle Owen when you go into the Garmon Mines for the first time. He will give you his Old Hammer. He is Ramsey's apprentice and Chloe's brother-like cousin. And this big teddybear like fellow my at time wave his arms around like a chicken.

Rival: Kathy

Rival-child: Roy (Boy)

Birthday: Summer 18

Best Gifts: Coconut Cocktail, Apple Cocktail, Grape Cocktail, Rice Cocktail, Copper, Silver, Gold, Rare Metal, Ruby, Boiled Egg, Mushroom Soup
Good Gifts: Raspberry Cocktail, Blueberry Cocktail, Cranberry Cocktail, Sunflower, Shining Honey, Shining Lettuce, Fugue Mushroom, Clam, Oyster, Mussel, Sea Urchin, Iron, Copper Ore, Gold Ore

Preferred Pet: Pyrenees

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Garnet
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Ruby
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Celesta Church Grounds @ 4:00 PM


  • Loved Gifts: "Oh! You're so thoughtful, thank you very much. You've made my day."
  • Liked Gifts: "Oh, thank you. I love this. I'm so happy."
  • Neutral Gifts: "You shouldn’t have, thank you."
  • Disliked Gifts: "I’m sorry, I hate this. Are you trying to be mean to me?"
  • Six Hearts: "When I think that you might be with some one else, -Name-, I can't sit still. I'd probably throw a fit... I'm more childish than I thought."
  • Seven Hearts: "If you ever started to like someone, I'd be upset, but I'd still hope you were happy. Your happiness is most important to me. But I won't give up on you so easily."
  • Meeting Preferred Pet: "Hahaha, how cute. -Pet Name- looks like a clever one!"

[edit] Toby

This relaxed and laid-back fishermen enjoys viewing the ocean waves and fishes all around the island. He doesn’t exactly work but lives at the Fishery with his uncle, Ozzie, and younger cousin, Paolo. You can get a Fishing Rod from him when you meet him under the Waterwheel in Flute Fields.

Rival: Renee

Rival-child: Matt (Boy)

Birthday: Spring 09

Best Gifts: Cosmos, Shining Onion, Shining Buckwheat, Shining Sasmimi, Shining Sushi, Salted Eel, Steamed Mussel with Butter, Steamed Clam with Butter, Onion Bread
Good Gifts: Fish (any kind), Shining Cherry, Pansy, Lavender, Morning Glory, Green Bell Flower, Sea Urchin, Clam, Oyster, Mussel, Sakura Seashell

Preferred Clothes: Red Straw Hat

Preferred Pet: Turtle

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Itou
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Eel Donburi
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Flute Fields @ 4:00 PM


  • Loved Gifts: "Wow, I can have this? I like it very much. I’m so happy, thank you very much."
  • Liked Gifts: "Oh, thank you very much. I like this."
  • Neutral Gifts: "Thank you very much."
  • Disliked Gifts: "Hmm, what a problem."
  • Sunny Days: "The weather is so nice... You have good dreams when you take naps on days like this."
  • Wearing Preferred Clothes: "What a nice straw hat. It suits you. We're dressed alike... It's a little embarrassing."
  • Meeting Preferred Pet: "Oh my, how cute. -Pet Name- looks so happy."
Wizard aka Gale

[edit] Wizard

This mysterious fellow is the wizard who resides in Harmonica Town and often keeps to himself. You will be able to meet him during the process of ringing the Green Bell. He asks you to gather a few items to help turn the Witch back human, and will not accept any gifts from you until you give him the specific items he asks for.

Rival: None

Rival-child: None

Birthday: Unknown

Best Gifts: Fugue Mushroom, Shining Tea Leaves, Pontata Root, Crystal accessories, Shining Coffee Beans, Shining Ground Coffee, Hot Coffee, Coffee Ice Cream
Good Gifts: Herb Tea, Crystal, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Shining Milk, Coffee Milk, Perfect Coffee Beans, Strawberry Ice Cream

Preferred Clothes: Tiara

Preferred Pet: Turtle

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: None
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Vegetable Juice
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Celesta Church Grounds @ 4:00 PM

Secret Name: Gale


  • Loved Gifts: "Oh, I love this... Thank you."
  • Liked Gifts: "I like this. I'm happy, I think."
  • Neutral Gifts: "For me... Thanks."
  • Disliked Gifts: "I hate this. I can't even look at it."
  • Eight Hearts: "I haven't lived as long as the Harvest King or Harvest Goddess... But I would trade a long life for the opportunity of having met you..."
  • Meeting Preferred Pet: "I see. Is that yours? It's well trained…"

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