Bachelorettes AP

These are the ten available women that are up for marriage on the island that you can marry later on in the game. Unfortunately, each one has a different personality, which means they like and dislike different things than other girls may like, so be careful when giving gifts to your potential spouse!

They each have a rival, heart events, and a birthday.



[edit] Anissa

This attractive and lovely gal is the daughter of Ruth and Cain of Marimba Farm and older sister to Taylor. She will not be on the island when you begin the game, but will once you ring the Yellow Bell, bringing back the element of soil. You will then be able to find Anissa mostly in her parent’s store. She goes to the clinic on Wednesdays, her day off.

Rival: Jin

Rival-child: Van (boy)

Birthday: Fall 16

Best Gifts: Blue Herb, Stamina Drink, Cold Medicine, Pontata Root, Opal, Lavender, Bluemist Flower, Herb Tea, Pickled Vegetables, Yogurt, Strawberry Milk
Good Gifts: Remedy, Tulip, Salt, Sakura Seashell, Pinkcat Flower, Sunflower, Shining Cucumber, Shining Turnip, Raspberry Juice, Blueberry Juice, Coconut Juice

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Herb Tea
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Blackberry Pie
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Flute Fields @ 4:00 PM


[edit] Candace

The shy older sister of Luna, she is nearly the complete opposite of her. Candace will keep to herself most of the time, and stammers when speaking. She works at Sonata Tailoring with her grandmother Shelly and her sister Luna. She is always all dressed up in blue. You will find her visiting the clinic in the afternoon, and visiting Celesta Church on Sundays.

Rival: Julius

Rival-child: Angie (Girl)

Birthday: Winter 7

Best Gifts: Snowflake Flower, Mint Candy, Herb Tea, Herb Cookies, Mint Tea, Shining Perfume, Shining Silk Thread, Shining Flax Thread, Shining Silk
Good Gifts: Blue Herb, Sakura Seashell, Tulip, Sunflower, Pinkcat Flower, Lavender, Bluemist Flower, Black Pearl, Pearl, Perfect Strawberry, Shining Mayonnaise

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Good Silk Yarn
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Blue Muffler
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Harmonica Beach @ 4:00 PM

Harvest Goddess

[edit] Harvest Goddess

The humble Goddess she is, she asks you to rescue the divine tree by assisting the Harvest Sprites by ringing the five elemental bells. You will first meet her after you clear the animals in the way of the Goddess Pond in the Garmon Mines. If you talk to her at the Goddess Pond, she will give you information on the elemental bells. You will be able to court the Harvest Goddess once you complete the main storyline of the game.

Rival: none

Rival-child: none

Birthday: unknown

Best Gifts: Royal Jelly and Shining Honey
Good Gifts: Moondrop Flower, Pinkcat Flower, Lavender, Tulip, Sunflower, Bluemist Flower, Perfect Honey, Shining Apple, Shining Cherry, Shining Egg

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: none
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Shining Honey
  • 5 Hearts - Date: none


[edit] Kathy

This bubbly young woman is the daughter of the local barkeeper, Hayden. She assists her father in barkeeping at the Brass Bar, and has a high affection for animals—most specifically horses. Her mini skirts, her cowboy boots, and her body attracts a lot of looks, but her personality is also very nice. She can be found visiting Horn Ranch on Sundays.

Rival: Owen

Rival-child: Roy (Boy)

Birthday: Summer 3rd

Best Gifts: Rice Cocktail, Grape Cocktail, Carrot Juice, Cheese Fondue, Shining Cheese, Shining Coffee Beans, Shining Carrot, Seafood Pizza, Vegetable Pizza
Good Gifts: Cocktail Drinks, Sea Urchin, Mussel, Perfect Grape, Good Carrot, Perfect Carrot, Anemone, Hibiscus, Pineapple Juice, Good Cheese, Perfect Cheese, Perfect Flax Yarn

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Good Carrot
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Cheese Fondue
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Harmonica Beach @ 4:00 PM


[edit] Luna

This open and outgoing young lady is rude at many times and is rather different from her sister, Candace. She is the granddaughter of Shelly the town tailor and assists at the Sonata Tailoring. She will be on Castanet once you sound the Blue Bell, the bell of water. Also, she is taller than she was in Tree of Tranquility, meaning she is now the same hight as the other girls.

Rival: Gill

Rival-child: Vivian (Girl)

Birthday: Spring 25

Best Gifts: Pinkcat Flower, Shining Flax Yarn, Shining Strawberry, Diamond, Sweet Potato, Boiled Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie
Good Gifts: Tulip, Pansy, Hyacinth, Lavender, Hisbiscus, Rose, Sakura Seashell, Chocolate, Shining Wool Yarn, any Colored Flax Yarn, Perfect Pumpkin, Good Flax Yarn, Cookies

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Good Flax Yarn
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Green Ear Muffler
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Sonata Tailoring @ 4:00 PM


[edit] Maya

Daughter of innkeepers Colleen and Jake, Maya is very hyper and loves to eat food. She is being tutored as a chef by her grandmother, Yolanda and occasionally also taught by Chase. She has the reputation of being a poor cook, but knows good food when she tastes it. She will reward you with a cookie when you first meet her.

Rival: Chase

Rival-child: Dakota (Girl)

Birthday: Fall 24th

Best Gifts: Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Cake, Shining Honey, Sweet Potato, Boiled Yam, Yam Cake, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Baked Potato
Good Gifts: Sea Urchin, Mussel, Oyster, Pinkcat Flower, Pansy, Chocolate, Banana, Coconut, Strawberry Milk, Hot Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Shining Tea Leaves

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Good Chestnut
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Yam Cake
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Brass Bar @ 4:00 PM


[edit] Phoebe

A very curious and adventurous explorer, Phoebe is the daughter of the General Store owner, Barbara, and the local photographer, Simon. She enjoys to explore the Garmon Mines in her free time. You will not be able to meet Phoebe until you sound the Red Bell, the bell of fire, and find her on the fifth floor of the Upper Garmon Mines.

Rival: Calvin

Rival-child: Heath (Boy)

Birthday: Spring 17

Best Gifts: Rare Ore, Rare Metal, Diamond, Super Stay Awake, Buckwheat Pancakes, Shining Mayonnaise, Shining Tea Leaves
Good Gifts: Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Pontata Root, Yellow Wonderful, Fugue Mushroom, Jade, Perfect Mayonnaise

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Gold
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Diamond
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Celesta Church Plaza @ 4:00 PM


[edit] Renee

A polite and sweet lady who lives at Horn Ranch with her parents, Hannah and Cain. Renee loves to take care of animals, and considers them part of her family. She also enjoys fishing, and can be found near the fishery on Wednesdays.

Rival: Toby

Rival-child: Matt (Boy)

Birthday: Fall 5th

Best Gifts: Shining Strawberry, Shining Egg, Shining Milk, Shining Ostrich Egg, Shining Goat Milk, Strawberry Milk, Yellow Perfume, Sunflower, Hot Milk, Shining Perfume
Good Gifts: Sea Urchin, Sakura Seashell, Yellow Herb, Tulip, Pinkcat Flower, Rose, Pansy, Lavender, Hibiscus, Moondrop Flower, Shining Cherry, Shining Turnip, Perfect Egg, Bonito, Cookies

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Good Egg
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Stew
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Waterwheel in Flute Fields @ 4:00 PM


[edit] Selena

A haughty, gorgeous, and outgoing woman, Selena is a professional dancer. She is the only daughter of Sue and Samson, the owners of the Toucan Island Inn, but doesn't assist them at all in handling the inn. She much more prefers to just dance at the Brass Bar, since she enjoys being the center of attention. You can unlock her after ringing the Blue Bell, when you can use the ferry to get to Toucan Island.

Rival: Luke

Rival-child: Lucy (Girl)

Birthday: Summer 26th

Best Gifts: Lily, Hibiscus, Coconut, Black Pearl, Ruby, Shining Perfume, Coconut Cocktail, Wheat Cocktail, Olive Cocktail, Shining Sushi, South Sea Fried Rice, Steamed Clam with Butter, South Sea Omelet Rice
Good Gifts: Sea Urchin, Sakura Seashell, Clam, Oyster, Pearl, Rose, Banana, Pineapple, Coconut Juice, Pineapple Juice, Shining Spicy Pepper

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: Black Pearl
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: South Island Omelet Rice
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Harmonica Beach @ 4:00 PM


[edit] Witch (Vivi)

Living far and deep into Fugue Forest, the Witch lives by herself in her own small and cramped house. When you first meet her, you'll find her as a frog croaking on her table. It turns out that she messed up on a spell that Wizard advised her not to try. You can turn her back to normal during the process of the Green Bell.

Rival: none

Rival-child: none

Birthday: unknown

Best Gifts: Pontata Root, Fugue Mushroom, Blackberry Cocktail, Blackberry Jam, Blackberry Ice Cream
Good Gifts: Black Pearl, Chocolate Banana, Cherry Jam, Blackberry Jam, Cherry Ice Cream, Blackberry Juice

Heart Events:

  • 2 Hearts - Gift #1: none
  • 4 Hearts - Gift #2: Pumpkin Pie
  • 5 Hearts - Date: Flute Fields @ 4:00 PM
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