Bachelorettes (HMDS)

Marriage is one of the many features of Harvest Moon DS. There are nine wives that you're able to marry. If you insert a game of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral town, that adds another five girls. The bachelorettes of Forget-Me-Not Valley are divided up into three categories. The normal girls: Lumina, Muffy, Celia, Flora, and Nami. Special girls: the Harvest Goddess, Leia the mermaid, the Witch Princess, and Keria. And the girls that you can only get from the GBA connection with FoMT or MFoMT: Popuri, Karen, Mary, Ann, and Elli.

In order to raise a bachelorette's affection for you, you must give her gifts. All of them have their own likes and dislikes. Each girl has a certain amount of LP, or Love Points for you. As you give her gifts the LP will either increase or decrease depending on how much she liked the present. The only way to see a girl's LP is by talking to her with the Love Bangle equipped. As her Love Points go up, the girl's heart will eventually change colors. At first all of the girls' hearts are black, then purple, then blue, then green, then yellow, then orange, and finally red. When her heart is red, it means that the girl is very much interested in you, and (after meeting all the other requirements) she is ready to marry you.

Getting married also requires more then just a Red Heart. These requirements can be somewhat difficult. The hardest one is rescuing 60 Harvest Sprites, which will free the Harvest Goddess from her spell. The next one is you have seen all of the girl's four Heart Events in order. The final one is purchasing the Big Bed from TV Shopping. Once you've completed the requirements, you may propose to the girl by giving her the Blue Feather. The Feather becomes available at Karen's supermarket when the girl is past 50,000 Love points, or an orange heart.


[edit] Normal Girls

[edit] Celia


Celia is a farm girl who moved from the city. She lives with Vesta and Marlin at the farm located east of your land. During the day Celia tends crops with her two companions, and at night she stays at home. Celia always seems to try her best, and she is always very polite and kind. Sadly, she has a strange disease that has existed ever since she was young. The clean valley air seems to be helping greatly though. Celia is the second easiest girl to marry, her favorite item is cake. Your rival for Celia is Marlin.

For more information go here: Celia (HMDS).

[edit] Flora


Flora is most often found in the excavation site in the northeast corner of the valley. She spends all day there digging around in the ruins with Carter. Flora loves to do research, and prefers it over almost everything else... especially cooking! Her favorite item is Rainbow Curry, a hard thing to make. Your rival for Flora is Carter.

For more information go here: Flora (HMDS).

[edit] Lumina


Lumina lives with her grandmother Romana, and spends a lot of time playing piano at Romana's Mansion. Romana has been trying to raise Lumina as a proper young lady, but her granddaughter has a different sort of life planned for herself. In the mornings you can find her at the Goddess Pond, and in the afternoons she will be at the mansion playing the piano. Her favorite item is Relax Tea, which is made by using Relax Tea Leaves in a pot. (Relax tea leaves are available from the Sprite Tree.) Your rival for Lumina is Rock.

For more information go here: Lumina (HMDS).

[edit] Muffy


This lovely lady spends a lot of her time working at the Blue Bar. She lives there with her boss, Griffin. Muffy tries to always have a smile on her face but she is secretly afraid of getting her heart broken. During the day she can be found near the Goddess Pond and at night she'll be mixing drinks at the Bar. Her favorite item is Apple Pie, which is not hard to make but it takes a while to obtain the apples (Apples grow in Fall, you can buy Apple Tree seeds from Vesta's Farm Shop.). She is the easiest girl to marry, as she likes most things and her heart events do not have very hard requirements. Your rival for Muffy is Griffin.

For more information go here: Muffy (HMDS).

[edit] Nami


Always the quiet one, Nami likes to keep to herself. Nami is quite the timid tomboy character. She doesn't have a job in the Valley, so she spends her days wandering the beach and relaxing by the Turtle Pond. She is very close to Ruby, the woman who runs the Inn where she rents a room from. Nami's favorite item is Gratin! Nami is definitely the hardest normal bachelorette! Your rival for Nami is Gustafa.

For more information go here: Nami (HMDS).

[edit] Special Girls

[edit] Harvest Goddess


After the Witch Princess' misguided spell, the Goddess disappears until you can find 60 Harvest Sprites. Once you do that then you can begin to court the Goddess. She will live inside the pond and will appear when you toss an item into the water. This powerful woman will continue to live in her pond even after you marry her. Her favorite item is Strawberries (Grown in Spring, seeds bought from Karen's Shop.) She is one of the hardest bachelorettes to marry, as you must rescue 60 sprites before she even appears. There are no rivals for the Harvest Goddess.

For more information go here: Harvest Goddess (HMDS).

[edit] Keria


This mysterious princess lives at the 255th floor of the 3rd Mine. You will need to unlock the earlier mines before you can even talk to her. She will quietly sleep in her bed and await the gifts you can give her. Next to her bed is a sign that will give you special instructions during her Heart Events. Keria's favorite item is Golden Lumber, available from Gotz's Lumber Store, it's very pricey though! Keria is an expensive wife... There are no rivals for Keria.

For more information go here: Keira (HMDS).

[edit] Leia


Leia, a mermaid, was found by Daryll, washed ashore down on the beach. He took her back to his lab and now she lives in a tub down in the basement. The door to the basement will be locked until you raise Daryll's Friendship Points to 100 or higher. You can then go down into the basement and talk to the cute fishy lady. Her favorite item is a large fish (The fishing pole is obtainable from Galen.). If you wish to marry her, in addition to the regular requirements you will need to have Gotz build a pond for her to live in. There is no rival for Leia, though if you choose not to marry her there are a couple of events that happen between her and Daryl (but they never marry so he's not a rival).

For more information go here: Leia (HMDS).

[edit] Witch Princess


The Witch Princess is very beautiful, but one of the two hardest girls to marry! She is the Harvest Goddess' playful rival, but a spell miscalculation lead to the Goddess' disappearance. In an attempt to fix the problem, the Witch sent the Sprites off in a similar fashion. Now she spends her days inside of her hut next to Romana's Mansion, brooding over her books and cauldron. Her favorite item is also Rainbow Curry, if you have made heaps to marry her but don't want to kill your innocent animals you may as well marry Flora. There is no rival for the Witch Princess.

For more information go here: Witch Princess (HMDS).

[edit] Mineral Town Girls

[edit] You can only marry these girls if you insert Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral into the GBA slot in your DS, and even then they only come once a week. If you marry them your game will end and you will be able to reload your last save file, unmarried.

[edit] Popuri


Popuri is a pretty and rather childish girl that runs the Poultry Farm in Mineral Town. You can call her on your phone to purchase chickens, ducks and other poultry essentials at her shop. Her older brother is Rick, who runs Yodel Ranch. He is very protective of her. She is helped in her studies by Takakura, who unfortunately locks his door behind him when he goes out in the afternoon. She visits on Sundays.

For more information go here: Popuri (HMDS)

[edit] Karen


Karen runs the supermarket in Mineral Town where you can purchase various foodstuffs and cooking ingredients, as well as larger rucksacks and seeds. She comes to the Valley on Tuesdays to visit Celia, and at night she likes to have a drink at the bar.

For more information go here: Karen(HMDS)

[edit] Elli


Elli works in Dr Hardy's clinic with Trent. They come to the Valley on Wednesdays to train in medicine. Elli tries very hard to be a good nurse so that she can find a cure for her sick grandmother's legs.

For more information go here: Elli (HMDS)

[edit] Mary


Mary is a quiet, bookish girl. She visits on Mondays and spends the day in Lumina's mansion. She is writing a novel, as you will find out in her heart events, and she is very interested in the farming life and on several occasions asks about it.

For more information go here: Mary (HMDS)

[edit] Ann


Ann is cheerful, and she helps her father run the Inn at her home in Mineral Town. When she comes on Fridays she goes straight to the Inner Inn. She helps Ruby in the kitchen in the morning, then goes to the

For more information go here: Ann (HMDS)

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