Annette in RFF
Anette is a bachelorette from Rune Factory Frontier. This is Anette's first appearence, having never been in a Rune Factory game before. Anette delivers mail to all of the villagers of Trampoli, but she is constantly pestered by monsters on her delivery route. Annette will first appear on Spring 3 after you wake up.

Residence: Anette doesn't have a home in Trampoli.
Birthday: Winter 4
Loves: Pumpkin Tart
Likes: Milk, Strawberry, Cheesecake, Chocolate Pudding, Cherry, Orange
Dislikes: Eggplant
Constellation Event: Buffamoo constellation - Summer - after midnight
Bath Event: Holidays 7:00-8:00pm

[edit] Winning Her Heart

Getting Annette to like you is easy, the simplest way is to take mail from her directly by asking before she gets to your mailbox. Another is by following her mail route as she delivers mail to every villagers. Also, at the end of Annette's mail route she will yawn and talk about wanting to eat a certain type of food. The food is random and usually hard to make, but if you do make it and give it to her it will raise her LP.

[edit] Annette's Heart Events

  • After befriending Anette to 1 LP talk to her in the morning when shes delivering mail and she will tell you about the monsters pestering her.
  • On random mornings you may find Anette outside of your home on Homestead bent over tired. Talk to her and she will tell you further about the monsters giving her trouble.
  • If Tabatha is in your village and you've talken to her multiple times when she was outside on Homestead tired, speak to her again for another event.
  • Find Tabatha when she inside her room and talk to her to continue.
  • If Selphy is your town, talk to Annette when she at 7 LP.
  • Get Annette to 8 LP and talk to her for a couple days outside your home.
  • Once Annette has reached the max of 10 LP, enter Mist's house in the morning. Candy and Marco must be standing outside by the pond.
  • Enter the house again.
  • On another morning when Marco and Candy are not outside by the pond, talk to Anette outside of Mist's home.
  • Finally, go to bed before 10PM and watch the next event.

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