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A picture of all of the animals in Harvest Moon DS Cute.


[edit] Background

Some animals can give you food and some animals can give you money. Other animals are just there to make you feel more at home. Livestock and Poultry are the only animals that can become ill and die from sickness or from old age. Below is a list of all the animals that you can interact with.

[edit] Pets

[edit] Dog & Cat

Once you begin the game, the Harvest Goddess will ask you to name your Dog and your Cat. Simply Meaning, you start off with these two animals. They don't provide much to the farm, but the dog can learn how to fend off wild dogs that come out at night when your livestock is out, simply by learning to fetch. To teach your dog to fetch, you must use the ball given to you by Thomas, and throw it while standing in front of your dog. The dog should then chase after it.

The cat is merely there so you can feel more at home. It's cute and cuddly, nothing homier. Both the dog and the cat like to be pet.

[edit] Horse

Once you have shipped 1000 items, Takakura will give you a horse. After you name this horse, you can ride it around town, and use it as if it were a moving shipping bin. The downside to that fact, is that, if the horse moves, you could just end up littering! Throwing an item into this portable shipping bin will get you a Harvest Sprite. Riding, Petting and Brushing the Horse will raise it's hearts, and you don't even have to feed it! Horses reside in the stable beside your house. So if you take your horse out for a spin, be sure to lead it back to the stable!

[edit] Farm Animals

[edit] Cow

To buy a cow, you must have Gotz build an Animal barn. It is also reccomended that you have him build a silo as well, so you can store all of the fodder. After you have the barn built, you can then phone Yodel Ranch over the phone, and ask Rick to deliver a cow to you. The color of the cow you recieve will differ from the normal black and white cow, to the splotchy black and white and brownish peach cow, all the way to the brown cow. To raise their heart level, simply talk to, pet, brush, and milk them. The product that they give out is milk.

The size of the milk depends on the cows heart level, and there are three sizes to the milk: Small, Medium, and Large. Cows are some of the most profitable animals, for their Milk can be turned into Cheese and Yogurt by using a Cheese/Yogurt maker. They are Livestock, so make sure to keep an eye on their health, you wouldn't want them dieing.

[edit] Sheep

Like the cow, you must have Gotz build an Animal barn so you can buy a sheep. They can also be bought through Rick over the phone. Their wool color will always be white. To raise their heart level, simply talk to, pet, brush, and shear them. The product that they give out is Wool. Like milk, wool has three sizes: Small, Medium and Large, and the wool can be turned into balls of yarn through a Yarn Maker, which you can have built by Gray from Saibara's Blacksmith. Sheeps are Livestock, so keep a close eye on their health.

[edit] Chickens

Chickens reside within a Chicken Coop, another building in which you must have Gotz build. After the Coop is built, you can call Popuri over at Poultry Farm, and order a chicken. To rasie their heart level, simply pet them everyday. Adult chickens produce eggs daily. Egg sizes range from Small to Large, like Milk and Wool, and depend on the ammount of hearts the chicken has. If you're lucky enough to have your chicken at full hearts while it's a Chicken Festival Champion, it is possible that it will lay golden eggs. Any type of egg can be turned into Mayonnaise through a Mayonnaise maker, even golden eggs.

Chickens are Poultry and can get sick and die from illness or old age, keep a good eye on them.

[edit] Ducks

Aside from needing a Chicken Coop, you must also ask Gotz to build you a pond if you want ducks that is. After the pond is built, Popuri will begin selling ducks, so go on ahead and buy one! They are similar to chickens in just about every way, including the petting everyday, the egg sizes, and the fact that they are poultry. The difference is that ducks only lay eggs every two days, and their eggs sell for slightly more than that of a Chickens.

Don't forget to feed your Farm Animals everyday!

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