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[edit] Chickens

Chickens can be bought for 500 from Lillia at the poultry farm. A chicken will need to be fed once a day, and will lays one egg a day as long as it is fed (it will lay the egg the next day). So, if you are unable to feed your chickens one day, there will be no egg the next day, even if you feed them then. If you have no food you can put them outside and let them fend for themselves, although you may have to fight off wild dogs. You can buy the food from Lillia, or if you throw a corn crop into the feeding machine it provides ten more portions. An egg can be placed into the incubator and hatched, so you only actually have to buy one chicken. At first the limit is five chickens, but after you ask Gotz to enlarge the hen house the limit is ten and you have two incubators for the eggs. It takes three days for an egg to hatch. All chicks are female. It then takes another three days for the chick to mature and begin laying eggs. Once the henhouse is enlarged you can also add a mayonnaise machine, bought from Saibara.

[edit] Cows

Cows are one of the best animals to have in this game. If you give them enough attention to win the Cow Festival they will produce Gold Milk for you. If you have the Cheese Maker, you can turn all of the milk into cheese for even more money.

[edit] Sheep

Sheeps are just like cows, they just give you wools every week instead of everyday.

Tools associated with Sheep:

-Brush: Brush your sheeps everyday
-Clippers: Clip once a week!

-Small (Sl): 100G (1-3 hearts)
-Medium (M): 400G (4-7 hearts)
-Large (L): 500G (8-10 hearts)
-Huge (G): 600G (by Winning the Sheep Festivall)

As soon as you get the Yarn Maker, you can make Yarns out of your Wools..

-Small (S): 300G (Wool S)
-Medium (M): 700G (Wool M)
-Large (L): 800G (Wool L)
-Huge (G): 1000G (Wool G)

[edit] Dog

When you start out in this game, your dog is just a puppy, but by the end of the year, your dog will be full grown and ready to protect your animals from wild animals.

[edit] Horse

Walk past the cattle farm sometime in spring and you’ll be offered a horse. A year later, it will be grown and if it loves you enough will stay on the farm. To make it love you, let it out in the sun, but keep it indoors in the rain and brush and talk to it every day. (You can buy the brush from Saibara). If it doesn’t stay, then you can get another one by planting tons of grass on your farm (at least twenty five 9 x 9 plots). However, it will take another year for it to be fully grown. Once it is fully grown you can take part in the horse races. If you train well (ride it a lot – you can only ride on the farm) you are likely to win. You can bet on yourself, which is a good way to earn enough medals to buy all the prizes available.

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