Animals (StH)

A screenshot of your chicken barn.


[edit] Chickens

Price: 500 G

It takes three days for a chicken egg to hatch. It then takes six days for the chick to turn into a chicken. As your chicken likes you more, different things will be said. First it will say "I will take care of you". As the chicken begins to like you more, it will say "Are you getting stronger?".

Chickens are normally what people get in the beginning because they're cheap. You can purchase them at Brownie Farm at the Farmer's Shop. After buying one chicken you can get more for free. How? Just place an egg in the uncubator! Chickens can stay outside, but make sure to bring them inside during bad weather. You also must feed them chicken feed when they're inside.

Egg Price: 50 G

[edit] Cows

Price: 2500G

As your cow grows older it will begin to like you more. It will then say different things. The first thing it says is "Grow up big and strong". After that, if the cow begins to like you more, the milk quality will improve.

Cows are one of the most important animals in the game. Before buying a cow you should buy a brush and a milker. When you buy the cow it will be in the barn. On nice days you should take it out to graze. It can stay outside overnight, but bring it into the barn if there's a 50% chance of rain for the next day. Don't forget to feed it when it's inside, and also don't forget to talk to it and brush it every day. If your cow is sick you must buy it medicine so it can get well. Buy Miracle Potion if you would like your cow to become pregnant.

Small milk: 150G
Medium milk: 200G
Large milk: 300G
Grand Milk: 400G

A screenshot of your cow barn.

[edit] Dog

Price: Free

Heart Rates-
One heart: "He is starting to like me."
Two hearts: "He comes to me when I whistle."
Three hearts: "I think he's starting to run faster now."
Four Hearts: "He is getting smarter and listens to what I say."
Five Hearts: "A mans best friend. He is my buddy."

Unlike other HM games the dog doesn't come automatically with your farm. You must earn it. Outside your house is a dog dish. Put something edible into it every day. There are two stray dogs that you can choose from - the standard HM dog and a husky type. Feed the dog every day for a couple weeks via the food dish. Once you think it has been fed enough and is used to you, slowly approach it. If it runs, leave it alone and try another time. If it doesn't try to escape then go up to it and press the 'X' button. If you catch it than the dog is yours to keep.

When you get the flute, you can teach your dog tricks! Here is a list of the tricks:

Lay: up, down, down
Sit: up, left, down
Sit up: down, up, up
Round up cows: right, left, right
Heel: left, right, right
Jump: left, up, right
Bark: left, right, left, right

You can get the flute from Louis. But you can't buy it, You have to be good friends with him. He will give you a flute and teach you how to play it.

This is how to play the flute. Equip the flute and press 'square' button. Then hold down the 'x' button, and use the up, down, left, right, R1, R2, L1, and L2 buttons to play notes. The more notes you try out, the more tricks you can teach and learn your dog. The more you practice the commands with the dog, the more he will learn.

[edit] Horse

Price: Free

Heart Rates-
One heart: "We are getting along better.
Two hearts: "He can run now."
Three hearts: "He is running faster now."
Four hearts: "Top speed. He is like the wind."
Five hearts: "He is confident and won't lose to anyone."

Getting a horse in StH is no easy task. In order to get it you must do part-time work at Brownie Farm every day. After doing enough of this, either Bob or Tim will come to your farm and give you a horse. You can even ride your horse around town! At first it isn't very fast, but as it likes you more it will begin to run quicker. You also aren't able to ride it until it trusts you. Put it outside in sunny weather, but remember to bring it inside and feed it fodder if bad weather is coming!

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