Animals (HMDS)

When you begin your game, the only animals you will own are a dog and a cat. From there as you advance in the game you will be able to own a Horse, Cows, Sheep, Chickens, and Ducks. Animals are a great way to earn Money/Gold, but they take a good amount of it to raise. Unlike some previous HM Games, your farm will not start with a Poultry or Livestock Barn. This requires you to buy one from Gotz the Woodcutter, and making any kind of building with a sturdy material can be pricey. But it is worth it, and animals have always been a basic, fun, and profitable addition to Harvest Moon.

The main new feature for HMDS is the Touch Glove used for making your animals even happier. Once you've bought the Glove, you can equip it and use it in many ways to care for your animals. This includes petting, brushing, shearing, and milking. What you can do to an animal depends on what it is.

Gotz can build up to 7 animals barns on your farm, giving you 28 animals to take care of. What types of animals you want to use to fill those barns is up to you. You could fill your entire farm with chickens as long as you have 7 poultry barns.

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