Animals (HM64)

Animals are a major part of the Harvest Moon games. They are where you get most of your profit. Don't forget to care for them properly. It'll all be worth it in the end.



[edit] Chicken

Price: 1500G
Chickens require the least amount of effort to take care of. You can keep them outside on nice days. On bad days keep them inside and feed them chicken meal. It costs 10G for one chicken meal. One chicken meal will feed one chicken.

Egg: 50G


[edit] Cow

Price: 6000G
You need to brush and talk to your cow every day. You also must feed them fodder or let them outside every day. As they begin to love you more they will produce higher quality milk. To get a cow pregnant you can buy Miracle Potion at the Green Ranch. While your cow is pregnant she will produce lower quality milk.

Small Milk: 100G
Medium Milk: 150G
Large Milk: 300G
Golden Milk: 500G


[edit] Dog

Price: Free You get your pooch at the beginning of the game. Name him whatever you like, and take good care of him. If you always put food in his dish and bring him inside in poor weather, then he may win the dog race!


[edit] Horse

Price: Free
Getting the horse is quite simple. Sometime during Spring, go to the Green Ranch. Head into their field. You'll see a horse there. Ann will walk up and ask you if you'd like the horse's brother. Say yes, and then you'll get to keep it! Eventually the horse will grow up. You can enter him into races, and even put your crops/produce into him instead of the shipping bin.

[edit] Sheep


Price: 4000G
The sheep are kept in the same place as the cows. You must feed, brush, and talk to them daily. If the weather is nice you can keep them outside. The more they like you, the better quality their wool will be.

Regular Wool: 900G
Quality Wool: 1800G

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