Animals (GBC)

In HM:GBC you can't have too many animals. Even though there aren't very many, they are well worth it!



[edit] Cat

You can either choose a dog or cat in the beginning. It's pretty much the same as the dog.
Bring it inside during bad weather so it will like you more.

[edit] Dog

You can either choose a dog or cat in the beginning. This pup doesn't do much, but bring him inside during bad weather so he'll like you more.

[edit] Horse

Price: Free

You get your horse on the 10th of Spring. You don't need to feed it, talk to it, or brush it. Once it's an adult you can ride it. You'll also be able to put crops into it.


[edit] Chickens

Price: 500G

It takes five days for a chicken egg to hatch. It will then take another eighteen days for the chick to turn into an adult. Don't forget to feed the chick even when it's little.

Beside the cow barn is the chicken coop. You can have up to a maximum of four chickens. Before you can buy chickens you must have five or six bags of grass planted. The grass must be full grown. Once you have your chickens they stay in their coop. Feed them fodder by taking it from the fodder bin and putting it in the correct feeding spot. If you forget to feed your chicken it will stay mad at you for three days and not lay eggs in that amount of time. They will also not lay eggs the next day if Maria predicts a bad fortune.

Produce: 70G

[edit] Cows

Price: 5000G

You must have five or six bags of grass grown before you can purchase your cow. Once you get it be sure to brush, feed, and talk to it every day. A happy adult cow will produce milk. The more it likes you the better quality of milk it will make. After you get a machine you can turn the milk into cheese or butter. If you'd like to get your cow pregnant, give it the Miracle Potion. It won't be able to give you milk the whole time it's pregnant. You are able to sell your cows as well. The better quality milk it produces, the higher you can sell it for. On nice days you can bring your cows outside. Just go outside and use the cow bell.

Small milk: 150G
Medium milk: 250G
Large milk: 350G
Butter: 500G
Cheese: 500G

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