Animals (AnWL)


There are various animals in the game including: a dog, a cat, cows, a horse, chickens, ducks, a goat, and sheep. Each animal requires different things, and gives you different things in return. Animals are an important part of this game.


[edit] Cat

You get the cat in the second chapter from Romana. You can pick up your cat and feed it to gain its love. You can take your cat inside your house too.


[edit] Chickens

You have to buy your first rooster and hen for 900g a piece if you plan on getting more. The female will lay unfertilized eggs without the male, but to get fertilized egg, a male is required. Then you can put the fertilized egg in the incubator and a chick will hatch in 5 days with a random gender. In 5 more days it will grow up. You only need one male chicken and the rest you want to be hens and the two ducks. Always have space in your barn for more chickens. You can sell them for 150-450 depending on age which is a reasonable profit. Make sure you pick them up and nuzzle them everyday.


[edit] Cows

There are four types of cows you can get: Normal, Brown, Marble, and Star. There are different but random combinations of babies you can get by combining them. You start out with a normal female cow that had recently given birth. This cow will give you plenty of milk. Eventually, she will stop sometime around fall or winter. This is a time when most people panic. If you want her to give milk again, then you have to get her pregnant. You can both buy a male cow, and wait 30 days for it to grow, or buy a miracle potion with another cow for 2500g. Then you have to wait 20 days for your cow to give birth. After 10 days, you will put up a fence around your cow to protect her. Then your cow will have a baby that will go in the calf hutch. You have to feed it with its mom’s milk until it is out of the hutch and will eat fodder. That process takes around ten days. Then the baby will have to grow up (taking 30 days) before it can take part of the pregnancy process.


[edit] Dog

There is one dog you can get in the game. You get it in the cut-scene in the beginning of the game. You have a choice between two dogs. The only difference is there looks. You can train this dog. To train, go up to your dog and press Y. Y, X, A, and the joy stick will now become tricks. The first trick is dancing. Your dog will dance as you spin your joystick. The more your dog is trained, the more spins he does while dancing. The next trick is shake. As you hold the A button, your dog will move his paw towards yours and slowly pull it back. The more he is trained, the more times he does it. The next trick is jump. As you hold the button your dog will jump into the air. The higher he jumps, the better he is trained. The last trick is stand. Your dog will stand up and sway. The better he is trained, the longer he will stand up. You can also pick up and feed your dog once a day to get your hearts up. You can also bring it inside.


[edit] Ducks

You get the ducks on a couple of conditions in your second summer. You must have a pond and space in your chicken coop to get them. One day in the second year, your wife will wake up to announce to you that she spotted some ducks hanging out by your pond. You then get the choice to keep them, or let them go. The female ducks don’t lay eggs, but sometimes they will hatch from ones laid by chickens. Make sure you pick them up and nuzzle them everyday.


[edit] Goat

You can buy a goat for 4000G from Van in the Spring during chapter two and after. They will produce milk for a year and then will be useless. Goat's milk sells for 120G, and Good Milk sells for 300G. You can always keep increasing your relationship by nuzzling, talking, and brushing now, or you can just sell it, since they are now worthless.


[edit] Horse

The horse is given to you in your first summer. Everyday, you need to brush, nuzzle, talk, feed, and ride your horse. This will keep your horse happy and loving you as long as you don’t bug him while he is sleeping. The horse is very helpful if you want to get around town fast and you can call him by pressing R twice. You will never be able to sell your horse


[edit] Sheep

Sheep cost 1500g and can be bought anytime. They can be sheared about once a season after buying wool shears for 400g or clippers for 1300g. The quality of your wool along with how your haggling skills are with Van will affect the prices of the wool. Make sure you brush, nuzzle, and talk to them everyday. The sheep can be pretty profitable animals once you get Gold Wool. Their regular wool sells for a mere 75G, and Gold Wool sells for a good 600G.

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