Alvarna Academy

                         how to create alvarna academy
      first of all you need to get married that is what the first chapter is about.
      When you get married you just have to wait a couple of days until your selected
      wife says that she is pregnant.Then you have to wait 4-5 days until the baby
      is born.Your wife will be telling you that she would like to have a school for
      the child,then she will tell you to go talk to the mayor.After you've talked to 
      the mayor,kyle will say that he can support for both money and wood.So you need 
      to have 100,000 in money and 1000 in wood.When you've got all the stuff go talk to
      the mayor then he will start to hire people and the school will be done in one week.
      So if you go there when the school is done you will have a little event and after
      that the next chapter will appear.
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