Alicia's Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

In this quest, Alicia asks you to be her fortune-telling test subject. She'll give you 100G as a reward. She's trying out her ability to read wealth fortunes. After saying her magic words, she'll give you your fortune: You'll have to pay "unexpected expenses"! You get your 100G, but she demands 200G as the fee for the fortune! Looks like your fortune just came true.

[edit] Second Quest

In this quest, Alicia wants you to deliver some Pumpkin Pudding to Natalie. She predicted that Natalie would lose something important to her, so to make her prediction correct, she ate Natalie's Pumpkin Pudding! You think it's not fortune-telling, but Alicia says that her prediction was spot-on. She thinks it's immature of Natalie to get mad at her for that, but you think Alicia's actions were wrong. She bought her another Pumpkin Pudding, but she's afraid that Natalie's still angry at her. After you give it to Natalie, Alicia says you'd make a great husband, but you haven't really though of marriage yet.

[edit] Third Quest

In this quest, Alicia asks you to find her an Amethyst in the Padova Mountains. You can't mine Amethyst in the Padova Mountains, so how will you get it? Simple! The Amethyst Alicia is referring to isn't one you need to mine up, but one you'll be able to find on the ground. It's near the crossroads on the right side of the first screen in the mountains. Note: She'll also accept normal Amethyst you found in Blessia Island! Your reward for this quest is 1000G. When you give the Amethyst to Alicia, she says that she "was wrong with you" and that you "have what it takes."

[edit] Fourth Quest

In this quest, you need to help Alicia assure her fortune for Cecilia is fulfilled. Alicia predicted that Cecilia would be approached by a handsome man. She knows that Barrett and Jake would refuse to do it, and Max wouldn't have the gust to. Since Ray is her younger brother, she doesn't think she should ask him. That leaves you! You don't think this counts as fortune-telling if you purposely fulfill it, but Alicia insists that it is. When you talk to Cecilia, she understands that Alicia hired you to do it, but just goes along with it. Your reward is 200G.

[edit] Fifth Quest

In this quest, Alicia wants you to ask Barrett who he likes. She knows that Barrett would never tell her if she asked, and she thinks that if another man asks him, he'd answer. She also needs you to make she he says he likes Dorothy! You're not sure how this will go, and Alicia isn't really sure if he likes anyone, but it doesn't hurt to ask! When you ask Barrett who he likes, he questions why you're asking him. He doesn't really feel like talking about that, especially with you. When you return to Alicia, she rewards you with 250G and 100 pieces of wood.

[edit] Sixth Quest

Alicia did her own love fortune to see what kind of man would propose to her: A handsome prince? A wealthy man? An average man? No one! This upsets her. In an attempt to cheer her up, you tell her that it was just a fortune. This only makes her more upset! She thinks the fortune shouldn't be taken lightly. Her readings are always correct, right? You weren't trying to question her skills as a fortune teller, and agree that no one will propose to her, and that she'd never get married! After insulting you, Alicia thinks for a while. Her fortunes aren't really accurate when it comes to herself. You're glad you could help, and she thanks you for listening. But if she does get married, won't that just ruin her fortune, and her reputation as a fortune teller? The life of a fortune teller can be hard!

[edit] Seventh Quest

Alicia needs your help on fulfilling another fortune. She predicted that Mana would go on a date with you! You can't go on a fake date with Mana! Alicia questions if you like her, which you do, but it doesn't feel right. Alicia doesn't think there's any problems then. Mana does like you, after all. She says to go meet her in Cherry Blossom Square. You talk to Mana there. She asks you why you're here, and you say you're not here for any reason in particular. She gets what you're saying, and says that she wasn't really sure why she was here, either. After an awkward silence, you apologize, and tell her the truth about your "date". Mana understands why Alicia would make you pretend to go on a date with her. But does that mean you didn't really want to see her? Of course not! Although Alicia told you to go here, you wanted to see Mana after hearing where she was. It is where you first met, and it means a lot to you. She's glad you feel that way. You apologize for Alicia's fortune, and she forgives you... of course, she wants you to take her on a real date some time! Maybe Alicia's fortune would come true. When you see Alicia, you tell her that Mana saw through your act, and that you didn't feel right fulfilling a fortune like that. She still decides to reward you, and gives you 200G.

[edit] Eighth Quest

Alicia needs you to find her a Sapphire in Messhina Valley - Path to Mountain. She needs it for fer next fortune telling, and she'll give you 300G as a reward. You decide to do it for her. This is why she likes you! You just shrug it off, but she thinks you don't take her seriously when it comes to her fortunes. When you give one to her, she thanks you, and gives you 300G. She's glad she can always depend on you, and predicts you two could "fall madly in love". This makes you laugh, but she wasn't kidding. She asks if she could read your fortune to prove she's right, but you don't want her to this time. Note: You can give her a Sapphire you find at Messhina Valley, but you can also give her one you already have!

[edit] Ninth Quest

Alicia thinks this is a pretty hard quest. She needs you to defeat an orc at Trieste Forest - Grassy Path. You ask if it's to fulfill another fortune, which it is. You still agree to do it. This is why she loves you! You shrug it off again, but she was being serious. After defeating one, return to her. She's glad her fortune came true, and you ask her what the fortune was. She predicted that someone would fall for a strong, kind man. The quest was to see if you were the person she was talking about. You ask who's fortune it was, but she said it was classified, and that she's a professional. But she's told you lots of other people fortunes, hasn't she? This one is a special case, apparently. Your reward is 500G, and she thanks you for helping her find a strong, kind man.

[edit] Tenth Quest

Alicia just finish reading one of her fortunes, and she needs you go on a date... with her! Her reading won't come true if you don't. A date with her doesn't sound bad, does it? You don't think so, but it doesn't feel right. She wants you to take her to Padova Mountains - Crossroad. You warn her that monsters appear there, but it's part of the fortune! It's dangerous there, but she asks you to protect her. When you go to the entrance to Padova Mountains, Alicia will be waiting there. She doesn't follow you, and just blushes over the fact that you're on a date! When you get there, you decide to kill all the monsters, close the gates, and destroy the monster generators. After doing that, you announce that it's safe now, and go get Alicia. Alicia comes, and admires your strength and kindness. She asks her if there's anyone you like, but you don't know who. You ask her to tell you your love fortune, but she admits that her fortunes never come true! You don't agree, and say that her weather predictions and her predictions on where people are are always spot on. Her love fortunes, the most important fortunes of all, are never correct. You think she's more skilled than she thinks, and ask her to tell you your fortune. She predicts that you're thinking of a romantic life with her. You say she's correct, and she says she likes you back. She thanks you for coming.

[edit] Eleventh Quest

Alicia needs you to find her the ultimate fortune telling item: a Crystal Ball at Padova Mountains - Ice Field. She'll give you 1000G as a reward. Again, she says that's why she likes you so much, and says you should marry her! You shrug it off... again, and she doesn't think you'll never take her seriously. You won't, but she'll still be happy if you find her a Crystal Ball. It's in the Northwest corner of Ice Field. Upon giving it to her, she says that a Crystal Ball is her proposal item. It's part of her fortune! She says that the one that gives one to her is the person she should marry. She's being serious! Your options are:

  • Please marry me.
Alicia asks if you're really sure. You tell her you love her, too, and that her prediction was accurate "this time". Alicia thanks you. She's so happy! But she wants to know what you meant by "this time". Her predictions are always right!
  • I'm not quite ready for this.
You understand Alicia's feelings, but you aren't quite sure if you understand your own feelings. She knows what you mean, and gives you the Crystal Ball, so you can decide if you should propose to her later, or not use it at all.

[edit] Second Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Note: If you marry Alicia in the First Generation, then the dialogue of the quest will be different. You will still get the same reward, though. The reward is Missing Page 1, an important item. If you choose the wrong answer, and don't get the reward, then you can do the quest again. If you didn't marry Alicia:

Alicia asks you why you think she hasn't gotten married yet. If you say that she's "too beautiful", this makes her happy. She understands her problem now, and gives you Missing Page 1.

If you did marry Alicia:

Alicia asks you if you think she's a good mom. You ask her why she's asking that, but she just felt worried. Your options are:
  • You're a good mother.
You tell her she's a good mother, and that you love her. She thanks you, and feels much better. Your reward is Missing Page 1.
  • I'm not sure.
Alicia decides she needs to try harder as a mom. She thanks you for sharing that with her, and rewards you with Missing Page 1.
  • Not really.
Alicia's trying her best! She firmly asks what you think is wrong with her. You don't get any reward.
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