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[edit] Overview

There are 16 photos that you can get for your album. Try to get all of them, because something good might happen. Please note that these are not in the order that you receive them.

[edit] Your Photos

  • Baby: Once your wife gives birth you will get this picture.
  • Blue Mist Flower: The Flower shop will get a blue mist seed during the second year. Buy it, and Popuri will show you where to plant it and how to care for it. Follow her instructions and soon it will bloom. This picture will be taken once the flower has grown and the rare butterfly has arrived.
Photo Album - HM64.png
  • Cow Picture: If you win the cow festival, make sure to keep your cow outside overnight. The next day these three ladies will come along. They really think your cow is cute and they want a picture of themselves with it. Check the mailbox the next day and they'll have sent it to you.
  • Dog Race: You get this picture taken after you win the dog race.
  • Elli's Picture: Elli must be at a yellow heart in order for this to happen. Sometime during the Fall she'll ask you to come with her. You two end up making clear liquid turn gold liquid with your love.
  • Fireflies: You must have Maria at a yellow heart in order to do this. Sometime after the firefly festival she will come and ask you to go somewhere. Go with her to see all the wonderful fireflies!
  • Grandpa: This is a picture of you, your Grandpa, and your Grandpa's dog. It comes with your photo album.
  • Harvest King: If you are the King and get to go up in the Balloon, this picture will be taken.
  • Home Extensions: You'll get this photo after you've purchased ALL of the extensions from the carpenters.
  • Horse Race: This picture will be taken when you win the horce race.
  • Hotspring Completion: Once you've finished helping the carpenters with the hotspring you'll get this picture. You only get it if you've helped them every single day until the job was done.
  • Keifu Dance: You MUST restore the Vineyard in order for this event to take place. Karen must also be at a yellow heart. On the 7th of Fall she will ask you to come and see the Vineyard. It turns out that the fairies are kissing the grapes and making them sweet.
  • Party Picture: This picture is EXTREMELY hard to get. In order to get it you must meet the following requirements: You must have all Powerberries, You must have won in each festival, You must have played at the Spirit Festival, You must have helped build the bridge and the hotspring. You must have a good grass field, You must have many crops and flowers growing, You must have found all the recipes, Have no livestock get sick more than twice, 1 cow must produce Special Milk, 1 Sheep must have Quality Fur, No livestock have died, Dog must have won dog race, Horse must have won both horse races, All house extensions, Over 5 friends, Married to Karen, Have a baby, Ship something every day (even stuff in the mountains), Have 3 cows (one has to have been born in your farm), Have 3 sheep, and Have 5 chickens.
  • Special Bunny: You must have Ann at a yellow heart. Sometime during winter she'll come to your house and tell you to follow her quickly. She'll lead you to the mountains and here you will see the special bunny.
  • Swimming Competition: This picture will be taken if you win the swimming competition.
  • Wedding: You'll get a picture once you're married.

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