Glitches (HMDS)

There have been many glitches that have been appearing in the North American copies of Harvest Moon DS game. The original Japanese version already contained several glitches, but were corrected in later prints. Unfortunately, the American release was translated from the original glitched version and not the corrected one. Also, the newer version of the North American version does not have less glitches like the japanese did it. The glitches for the North Americans are:

  1. Random freeze ups of the game, especially in winter. This is caused by the programers leaving in the BIOS of the Japanese DS system rather than replacing it with the BIOS of the US DS system.
  2. Corrupted Files, or data unable to be loaded, usually caused by saving in the Harvest Tree or while the fishing team is hired.
  3. The game freezing when you show Pierre (An orange team sprite) your cat or dog.
  4. Inability to marry the Witch because the game fails to count dead animals
    • But there is a way to tell if your game has this glitch or not. In the New Year Festival, if you get Buckwheat Flour instead of Buckwheat Noodles, your game is not glitched and you can marry the Witch Princess or Harvest Goddess.
  5. Inability to marry the Harvest Goddess because of the missing Buckwheat Flour and a Choker not recording on the Mining List
  6. Random typos, such as Mercury, (weather sprite on Ch.1) When the next day is going to be a sunny summer day, says, "It's going to beh hot day!"
  7. Inability to complete cooking and shipping lists due to aforementioned Buckwheat Flour
  8. In winter, tiles can randomly become impassable if a grass building falls
  9. "Ghost Town", where all doors are permanently locked and villagers are missing
  10. Milker/Clippers glitch, where any animal that can be brushed can be milked/sheared.
  11. Cats and dogs getting stuck after home additions
  12. After talking to someone, a line appears, but disappears when one has exited the building.
  13. Horse Glitch, the ability to ride the horse without being on it.
  14. The title screen has mermaids of all colors instead of the whole town standing together.
  15. Random dog balls appearing in fields
  16. When you call Gotz and buy ANY building or upgrade and go to sleep, the screen will black out when you are supposed to wake up.
  17. Sheep can be sheared with the touch glove over and over in an infinite loop.
  18. If you hire the Fishing Team and appoint them to the Beach During the winter,By the end of the week you have hired them, You will have 1,000,000 G.
    • Everyday for a week, you have to go to the beach, cast your rod in the water for 1 second, then return to your house and ship a stone.

There seemed to be more, but for the PAL version, they were corrected.

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