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[[Image:Bachelors2.gif|thumb|400px|right|Some of the bachelors, the main character, and a few animals.]]
[[Image:Bachelors2.gif|thumb|400px|right|Some of the bachelors, the main character, and a few animals.]]
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Some of the bachelors, the main character, and a few animals.



In the girl version of Mineral Town you must woo the boys! There are a total of 8 bachelors you can pick from. The 8 Bachelors are:

Doctor, the bachelor.


Doctor is very kind and takes his work at the clinic seriously. He enjoys spending time at the library and finding herbs to make new medicine. At first it may seem that he's too dedicated to his work to notice just one person alone. But if you are patient with him, you can understand that he does know how to love just one person, and will always try his best to take care of you. Elli will marry him if you don't.

Special Item: Milk (any size)
Favorite Items: Large and Medium Fish, Honey, Tomato Juice, Veggie Juice, Wild Grape Juice, Poisonous Mushroom, wild Grasses, Hot Milk, Elli Leaves, Fish Sticks, Bamboo Shoots, Wine, Mixed Latte, Veggie Latte, Mixed Juice
Disliked Items: Chocolate Cookies

Gourmet, the bachelor.


He only comes around when the Cooking Festival is on. This is your time to give him gifts. He's a very picky man, and is unusually hard to marry. No one else wants to marry him, so take as long as you want to woo him.

Special Item: Elli Leaves
Favorite Items: Cooked Recipes
Disliked Items: Burnt Food

Kai, the bachelor.


Kai only comes to Mineral Town during the Summer. Most of the time he lives in the city, but everyone is very happy when he comes to visit the town. He's very sweet and easy to love, but there are rumors of him seeing someone else if you are married. Kai is a little bit of a ladies man. Popuri will marry him if you don't.

Special Item: Pineapple
Favorite Items: Flour, Curry recipes, Oil, Large Fish, Omlette recipes, Pumpkin recipes, Perfume, Corn, Onion, Toast, Pineapple Juice, Bread, Pink Diamond, French Toast, Wine recipes, Tomato, Eggs
Disliked Items: Bamboo Shoots, Rice Cakes, Soba Noodles, Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Truffle, Poison Mushroom, Turnip, wild Grass

Kappa, the bachelor.


Kappa lives by himself deep within Mother's Hill's lake. You will never see him around in town. You can meet him by summoning him by tossing a cucumber into the lake. If you throw a cucumber each day in a row, you'll receive a special blue power berry from him. It gives you the ability to have better endurance during rainy/snowy days. Besides giving him the usual gift of a cucomber, there are more requirements you must complete before proposing.

  • Collect all 9 of the Kappa Jewels
  • Catch every type of fish available in the game.
  • Ship at least 1 of every item that can be sold through Zack.
  • Expand your house to the largest size and own the Big Bed.
  • Discover every type of item hidden in the ground of the Spring Mine and the Lake Mine.
  • Ask Carter for permission to marry Kappa during Carter's confessional times.
  • Live on your farm for at least 5 years.

Birthday: Spring 8 (alternate is 9)
Special Gift: None
Favorite Item: Cucumber
Dislikes: None

Rick, the bachelor.


Rick lives at the poultry farm with his sister Popuri and his mother Lillia. At the morning, he spends his time by sitting in the bench near the supermarket with Karen. Afterwords, he works all day long at the poultry farm, taking care of chickens.

Rick hates Summer because that is when Kai arrives in town. In Rick's point of view, he thinks Kai only comes to Mineral town just to flirt with women, especially his little sister Popuri. He makes any necessary precautions for her sister to avoid him. Unfortunately for Rick, all his plans failed. Aside from having a heavy grudge on Kai, he also despise his father, not as much as Kai though. When his father left the house, Rick always prayed that he would come back someday. But after several years, his faith began to fade away along with the admiration he had for him 'til he finally stopped believing in him.

Birthday: Winter 27 (alternate is 23)
Special Gifts: Spa Boiled Egg
Favorite Items: Chocolate recipes, any size Mayonaise, Large Fish, Strawberry Milk, Omlett recipes, Chicken Food, Popcorn, Wine, Wild Grape Juice, Honey, Pudding, any size Egg, any size Cheese, Corn, Cornflakes, Bodigizer, Turbojolt
Disliked Items: ---

Cliff, the bachelor.


Cliff is a foreigner who recently moved in Mineral Town. He left his family because he thought something else, somewhere out there was destined to him so as his intuition foretold him. So he went out in a pilgrimage hoping to find soon his purpose for his existence. When he came across Mineral Town, he decided to settle down his encampment there. Little did he know once he stepped inside the premise of the town, he felt an enigmatic pulse. 'Twas a pulse which brought him deep curiosities and interest in this town. Now, he awaits for something particular that will either give him good fortunate or despair. Cliff spends his day at the Church. He doesn't really wander outside because he is rather an anti-social type. Although, he is able to perfectly talk with Carter. During the night, he goes to the Inn where your rival Ann resides. Thus began their first first interaction that will turn out into a adorable relationship. He is the only one who will accept your offer to help at the winery Fall 14, and will leave town if you do not ask him.

Birthday: Summer 06 / alt. Summer 10
Special Gifts: Curry Rice
Favorite Items: Tempura recipes, Pizza, Omlette recipes, Stew recipes, Grape Juice, Mushroom Rice, Curry recipes, Cheese Fondue, Sushi recipes, Sandwich, Savory Pancake, Greens, Bamboo Rice, Scrambled Eggs, Happy Eggplant, Miso Soup, Latte recipes, Grilled Fish
Disliked Items: Burnt Food, Wine

Won, the bachelor.


Traveling from city to another city, his sole purpose is to find a decent area where he could open his shop. He will settle his are aat Zak's place. Carrying this awful and greedy mind, he will try to take advantage of any circumstances. Especially from ignorant and naive people. Every season, he will come by at your farm trying to sell you special apples or whatsoever. When buying an apple, you'll see him talking as if he tricked you. If you don't buy any, he will just end up insulting you of being poor. Oh my, doesn't a farmer usually have a shotgun with her?

Birthday: Winter 19/ alt. Winter 21
Special Gifts: None
Favorite Items: Gold Ore, Apples, Golden Egg, Pirate Treasure, Fish Fossil, all Accessories, all Jewels except for Amethyst, Agate, and Flourite
Disliked Items: None

Gray, the bachelor.


Gray is very shy but warms up once you get to know him. He spends nearly every day making thing from ores and jewels. His grandfather always looks down on his work though, and this gets him cranky at times. Overall Gray is very kind. Mary will marry him if you don't.

Birthday: Winter 6 (alternate is 23)
Special Item: Baked Corn
Favorite Items: Bodigizer, Turbojolt, Cake recipes, Apple Pie, Chocolate recipes, Ice Cream, Curry Bread, Curry Rice, Perfume, Facepack, Omelet Rice, Savory Pancake, Candied Potato, all Accessories, all Ores, all Jewels, Branches, Eggs
Disliked Items: Turnips

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