Witch Princess - Sunshine Islands

The Witch Princess is one of the bachelorettes and one of the recurring magical girls in the Harvest Moon series. She loves teddy bears, and especially loves using magic. Her young niece, Witchkins, dislikes her, and she hates her back equally. It is hinted that she is over 200 years old, as she once said it took her 200 years to make a special potion. Unlike other marriage candidates, her heart color is invisible, and the only way to see your FP with her is through the characters page in the Assets Menu. Her birthday is Winter 29.

She arrives when you raise the Mystic Islands, take the boat there, and walk to the mansion.


[edit] Courting

[edit] Gifts

[edit] Special Gift (Plus 800 FP)

Rainbow Curry

[edit] Loved Gifts (Plus 500 FP)

Gold Lumber, Twin Herb, Red Grass, Black Book, Blue Book, Green Book, Indigo Book, Orange Book, Purple Book, Red Book, White Book, Yellow Book, Finest Curry, and Ultimate Curry.

[edit] Liked Gifts (Plus 300 FP)

Adamantite, Amethyst, Alexandrite, Topaz, Copper, Diamond, Emerald, Mystrile, Flourite, Gold, Orihalcum, Peridot, Pink Diamond, Empty Can, Fish Bone, Fish Fossil, Bottled Message, Stone Tablet, Moon Stone, Pirate Treasure, Purple Herb, Red Herb, Ruby, Sand Rose, Silver, The Fall Sun, The Spring Sun, The Summer Sun, The Winter Sun, White Herb, Yellow Herb, Black Herb, Blue Herb, Green Herb, Indigo Herb, and Orange Herb.

[edit] Normal Gifts (Plus 50 FP)

Poisonous Mushroom

[edit] Disliked Gifts (Minus 300 FP)

Failed Dish

[edit] Hated Gifts (Minus 800 FP)

Badger Food, Chicken Feed, Duck Food, Fodder, Monkey Food, Pet Food, Rabbit Food, Sparrow Food, and Peach Juice.

[edit] Horror Gift (Minus 5000 FP)


[edit] Heart Events

[edit] Magic Book

Purple Heart Event
Time & Location

  • Witch's House
  • Rainy Day
    • 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM


  • Must be at purple heart/2 hearts or higher


  • "Sounds like fun!" (Right answer)- Plus 3000 FP
  • "What's with all the bears?" (Wrong answer)- Minus 2000 FP

[edit] Witch Medicine

Blue Heart Event
Time & Location

  • Witch's House
  • Rainy Day
    • 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM


  • Must be at blue heart/4 hearts or higher
  • Must have seen "Magic Book"


  • Keep listening. (Right answer)- Plus 3000 FP
  • Don't listen to the rest. (Wrong answer)- Minus 2000 FP

[edit] Witch and Wolf

Green Heart Event
Time & Location

  • Witch's House
  • Rainy Day
    • 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM


  • Must be at green heart/5 hearts or higher
  • Must have seen "Witch Medicine"


  • "He got what he deserved!" (Right answer)- Plus 3000 FP
  • "That was going to far..." (Wrong answer)- Minus 2000 FP

[edit] Out with W. Princess

Yellow Heart Event
Time & Location

  • Walk into your house
  • Rainy Day
    • 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Cannot take place on Cloudy days


  • Must be at yellow heart/seven hearts or higher
  • Must have seen "Witch and Wolf"


  • Go out (Right answer)- Plus 3000 FP
  • Do not go out (Wrong answer)- Plus 2000 FP[1]

[edit] References

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