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In Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, there are people in the village that you can not marry, but are still useful to you. Their shops will provide the necessary tools and materials for you to keep up the farm, and their events and items will unlock musical notes and aid you along the quest to obtain all 100!

[edit] The Villagers

The villagers are listed below with where you meet them, where they live, when their birthday is, what they love, what they like, and what they dislike.

Meet: At Spring Horse Race
Residence: Perch Inn
Birthday: Fall 7
Loves: Corn Based Foods, Special Dairy Products
Likes: Blowfish, Gold Ore, Silver Ore, Sodas, Teriyaki
Dislikes: --

Meet: At Spring Horse Race
Residence: Moonlight Café
Birthday: Winter 28
Loves: Potato (Top Quality), Sodas, Special Cheese, Pizza
Likes: Potato (Normal/Low Quality), Milk, Cheese, Butter, Special Egg
Dislikes: Gems, Gold Ore, Silver Ore

Meet: All the Egg Festival (not formally introduced)
Residence: Perch Inn
Birthday: Fall 1
Loves: Special Butter, Special Egg, Special Mayonnaise, Special Milk, Truffle, Truffle Saute
Likes: Egg, Mushroom, Potanta Root
Dislikes: Medicines, Non-Food Items

Meet: When you visit the Blue Sky Ranch
Residence: Blue Sky Ranch
Birthday: Summer 14
Loves: Sodas, Turnips (best soil)
Likes: Bird Feed, Clam, Fodder, Smelt
Dislikes: Chestnut, Honey

Meet: At Sunny Lake, after Perch Inn opens
Residence: Perch Inn
Birthday: Spring 12
Loves: Carrot (Top Quality), Spicy Stew
Likes: Bell Pepper, Breadfruit, Cayenne, Corn, Eggplant, Orange, Pumpkin, Rainbow Trout
Dislikes: Failed Yarn, Sweet Foods

Meet: When you first visit the Spring Farm
Residence: Spring Farm
Birthday: Fall 21
Loves: Pumpkin (Top Quality), Pumpkin Foods
Likes: Breadfruit, Carrot, Turnip, Strawberry, Eggplant, Yarn
Dislikes: Copper Ore

Meet: Visit to the Clinic after slightly befriending Alex
Residence: Clinic
Birthday: Winter 25
Loves: Dyed Yarn, Shiny Wool, Special Cheese
Likes: Breadfruit, Good Egg, Green Herb, Wool, Special Egg
Dislikes: Toadstool Saute

Meet: When the Paradise Orchard expands
Residence: Paradise Orchard
Birthday: Spring 6
Loves: Special Mayonnaise/Egg, Tomato (Top Quality)
Likes: Accessories, Egg, Honey, Moondrop Flower, Cheese
Dislikes: Bell Pepper, Sodas

Meet: When you first visit the Junk Shop
Residence: Junk Shop
Birthday: Fall 3
Loves: Special Milk/Cheese/Butter, Stew, Onion (Top Quality)
Likes: Bell Pepper, Bronze Ore, Gold Ore, Potato, Silver Ore
Dislikes: Sodas

Meet: During the Beach Festival
Residence: Perch Inn
Birthday: --
Loves: Special Cheese, Tomato
Likes: Clam, Egg, Milk (Good), Mushroom, Wool
Dislikes: Pickled Foods

Meet: At the Spring Horse Race
Residence: Paradise Orchard
Birthday: Spring 11
Loves: Sodas, Special Egg, Special Milk
Likes: Breadfruit, Clam, Cocoa, Milk, Pinkcat Flower, Egg, Butter
Dislikes: --

Meet: When you enter the Atelier Saibara
Residence: Atelier Saibara
Birthday: Winter 2
Loves: Good Clay, Eggplant, Pickled Foods
Likes: Green Herb
Dislikes: Toadstool Saute

Meet: Your first visit to the Blacksmith
Residence: Blacksmith
Birthday: Summer 25
Loves: Spinach (Top Quality), Rare Ore, Special Milk
Likes: Amethyst, Copper Ore, Eggplant, Gold Ore, Moonstone, Mushroom
Dislikes: Toadstool Saute

Meet: During a visit to Sunny Lake
Residence: --
Birthday: Winter 21
Loves: Mushroom, Truffle, Veggie Salad
Likes: Cabbage, Eggs, Soda
Dislikes: Cakes, Puddings

Meet: During the very first sequence of the game
Residence: Mayor’s House
Birthday: Spring 4
Loves: Potato, Potato Foods
Likes: Plain Omelet, Rainbow Trout
Dislikes: Cheese

Meet: Your first visit to the Blacksmith
Residence: Blacksmith
Birthday: Fall 12
Loves: Cakes, Pies, Special Egg
Likes: Blowfish, Broiled Crawfish, Copper Ore, Gold Ore, Silver Ore
Dislikes: Medicines, Sodas

Meet: When you visit the Workshop
Residence: Workshop
Birthday: Summer 21
Loves: Eggplant, Special Egg, Special Milk
Likes: Branch, Flounder, Sardine, Sodas
Dislikes: Sweet Foods

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