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[edit] ~Villagers~

Rune Factory Frontier features a wide variety of villagers that are each unique in their own way. In order to progress your game, conversing with the villagers is a must. Many of the villagers will give you tools you need in order to farm, fish, mine, cut wood, etc. Also, if you would like to marry a bachelorette, you sometimes must become friends with people in their social lives. Try to make friends by giving the villagers their favorite gifts, but beware, giving them items they don’t like will only make them dislike you.

- Favorite: Refers to the item that will give you the most LP/FP when given
- Likes: Refers to the item that will give an good amount of LP/FP when given
- Dislikes: Refers to the item that will take away LP/FP when given
- Location: Refers to where the person lives and where they can be found within their own home
- Birthday: Refers to their birthday
- Appearance: Refers to the requirements and time where you can first meet the person

[edit] Raguna

Raguna in RFF.jpg

- The main character in the game who you control as you venture through caves, farm, ranch, marry, and so much more. He is an Earthmate, meaning he can communicate with the land and befriend that animals that live there. He first visits Trampoli looking for Mist, his friend from Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, but when Mist ends up convincing Raguna, to stay because somebody is calling her, and run a farm.
- Location: Homestead

[edit] Danny

Danny in RFF.png

- The local general store owner. He doesn’t really want to be a store owner, so he typically keeps his shop in poor condition with awful products. Danny has a secret crush on Annette and enjoys pestering her when she delivers his mail. Eventually, he will work at Materia (Rosetta's store) when he is no longer able to stay in business.
- Favorite: Silver
- Likes: Fine Cloth
- Dislikes: Tomato
- Location: Danny‘s Grocery
- Birthday: Summer 6th
- Appearance: Enter Danny‘s store after you have met Ganasha

[edit] Tsubute

Tsubute in RFF.png

- Tsubute isn't an actual character and can not be spoken to seperatly. Tsubute is Uzuki's guardian and is always watching out for her, even if that means embarrassing her. Tsubute and Uzuki have an on-and-off relationship, usually bickering.
- Favorite: N/A
- Likes: N/A
- Dislikes: N/A
- Location: Always with Uzuki, excluding events where he and Uzuki fight and he leaves
- Birthday: N/A
- Appearance: Same as Uzuki

[edit] Rita

Rita in RFF.png

- The town bartender and Eunice’s mother, and is said to be the best drinker in the town. Rita is very homely and will teach you the basic of cooking by giving you a starter cooking recipe book. She runs the Inn Bar in the later hours of the day.
- Favorite: Wine, Accesories
- Likes: Cheap Bracelet
- Dislikes: Fish
- Location: Business District (Sunshine Inn Bar or her room on the second floor)
- Birthday: Winter 22nd
- Appearance: She appears after you enter the Inn for the first time to deliver a bamboo shoot on Stella‘s behalf

[edit] Turner

Turner in RFF.png

- Eunice's father, he is the innkeeper and is married to Rita. Turner loves to drink and can be found at the bar most nights. He has a very warm personality.
- Favorite: Great Swimsuit
- Likes: Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore
- Dislikes: Junk Ore
- Location: Business District (Sunshine Inn in his room in the early morning, at the reception desk during the afternoon, and the Inn Bar at night
- Birthday: Spring 22nd
- Appearance: Appears when you enter the Inn for the first time when delivering a bamboo shoot on Stella‘s behalf

[edit] Ganesha

Ganesha in RFF.png

- Ganesha is rare for what she does considering that she is a half-elf blacksmith. She is the mother of Marco. Ganesha sells weapons and materials for battle and forging and will also give you a recipe book for making basic tools.
- Favorite: Demon‘s Blood
- Likes: Ores
- Dislikes: Wool
- Location: Business District (Damascus Forge)
- Birthday: Winter 8th
- Appearance: Enter Damascus Forge after you have delivered the bamboo shoot to Turner

[edit] Marco

Marco in RFF.png

- The son of Ganesha. He is constantly wanting to be better then Raguna and will always be willing to challenge him. You could say that he looks up to Raguna, in a way. Based off of reactions, it is believed that he has a crush on Candy and will do anything to protect her.
- Favorite: Anything with Curry
- Likes: Curry Powder
- Dislikes: Green Pepper
- Location: Business District (In the upper floor of Damascus Forge)
- Birthday: Winter 29th
- Appearance: Appears once you return to Damascus Forge after delivering the bamboo shoot to Turner

[edit] Eric

Eric in RFF.png

- A local man who helps out Raguna and also teaches Raguna about farming. Eric calls Raguna "young man" even though they are around the same age. He is somewhat obnoxious, but extremely helpful. At the start of the game he seems to try to make it apparent that he has no girlfriend and even asks you to talk to some of the other girls about him. He can be seen flirting with Anette at times.
- Favorite: Garlic
- Likes: Strawberry, Pineapple
- Dislikes: Turnips, Jam, Chocolate
- Location: South District (Inside his shop/house or tending his garden behind his house)
- Birthday: Summer 23rd
- Appearance: Enter his farm after you have met Danny for the first time

[edit] Kross

Claus in RFF.png

- Kross is a very mellow man who also owns a small carpentering business. He tends to speak as though he has years of wisdom wrapped around his belt, and after you enter dungeons will give you advice on how to defeat different monsters. Though he seems sad, he's actually very helpful once you befriend him.
- Favorite: Cat Tail
- Likes: Warrior Medal
- Dislikes: Curry Powder, Flour
- Location: South District (In front of his house, in his house, or tending the garden behind his house)
- Birthday: Spring 2nd
- Appearance: Standing in front of his house, simply talk to him to meet him

[edit] Minerva

Minerva in RFF.png

- Tabatha's little sister. She will leave once you have completed all of Tabatha’s love events.
- Favorite: Failed Dish
- Likes: N/A
- Dislikes: Accesories
- Location: South District, she lives with Tabatha and Bianca
- Birthday: Winter 15th
- Appearance: Appears once Tabatha has reached 6 Love Points

[edit] Brodik

Wagner in RFF.png

- Brodik is a strange fellow who moves in at the beginning of fall. He seems to have a past relationship with a man that he mistakes as Raguna. He likes to play pranks on Raguna like ding-dong-ditch. Kross and Brodik seem to have a bad relationship.
- Favorite: Apple Pie
- Likes: N/A
- Dislikes: Pumpkin
- Location: South District (You cannot enter his house)
- Birthday: Spring 17th
- Appearance: Fall 1st

[edit] Stella

Stella in RFF.png

- The founder of Trampoli. She is a grandmother-like figure and everyone respects her. Stella can be commonly found at the Church and runs many of the village events. Stella will give Raguna the axe, a tool for chopping wood on your farm. With this axe, Stella built the villager. Many mysterious events happen around Stella, such as a young unknown girl appearing on Mist's property who seems to be trapped in the past and is the ghost of Stella's past.
- Favorite: Four Leaf Clover
- Likes: Toy Flower
- Dislikes: Warrior Medal
- Location: Church District (Within St. Poli Church at the alter, her room, or in the kitchen)
- Birthday: Summer 27th
- Appearance: You will automatically meet her at the start of the game

[edit] Kanno

Kanro in RFF.png

- Kanno is the grandfather of Candy and Cinnamon, one of the bachelorettes. Kanno is old and wise and takes Raguna in as a student, requesting random items dropped by monsters.
- Favorite: Magic Powder
- Likes: All types of Cake
- Dislikes: Junk Ore
- Location: Church District (His room in the Clock Tower or on the lower floor of the Clock Tower)
- Birthday: Fall 8th
- Appearance: Can be met when the Clock Tower opens for the first time

[edit] Candy

Candy in RFF.png

- Candy is the granddaughter of Kanno and younger sister of Cinnamon. Unlike her sister, Candy is very outgoing and also posseses the gift of using Runneys to make miracles and/or rune stones. She is very close to Marco.
- Favorite: Juices
- Likes: Apple Pie
- Dislikes: Insect Skin
- Location: Church District (Can be found in her room in the Clock Tower or on the walkway on the 2nd floor of the Clocktower)
- Birthday: Spring 27th
- Appearance: Appears a couple of days after Kanno tells you his grand-daughters are coming to live with him

[edit] Lute

Ruto in RFF.png

- Lute is a peddler and sells various kitchen and home items on Holidays. He is a very creative man and can be seen painting sometimes at the lake. On Holiday mornings he can be found standing outside Tabatha's house, who he has a crush on.
- Favorite: Chocolate
- Likes: Milk
- Dislikes: Fish
- Location: He does not have a home within Trampoli but can be found in the town square on Holidays
- Birthday: Summer 13th
- Appearance: First holiday in the town square

[edit] Nolan

Loland in RFF.png

- Loland loves the Laga hot springs owned by Melody and can be found there often.
- Favorite: Wine
- Likes: Strawberry
- Dislikes: Squid
- Location: Business District (Bath House on sunny days)
- Birthday: Spring 8th
- Appearance: Appears after the Bath House opens

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