Toby Tree of Tranquility

[edit] Tree of Tranquility

The very relaxed and laid-back fishermen, Toby likes to fish and take naps. You can receive a fishing rod from him in the beginning of the game. He is also the nephew of Ozzie and the older cousin of Paolo.

Birthday: Spring 9th

Rival: Renee

Best Gifts: Shining Roasted Herb, Shining Sashimi, Onion Bread, Seafood Stew, Shining Sashimi, Shining Meuniere, Bouillabaisse
Good Gifts: any Fish, Blue Herb, Pansy, Cosmo, Lavender, Shining Onion, Shining Chestnut, Black Pearl, Shining Milk, Shining Goat Milk, Shining Egg, Shining Duck Egg, Shining Ostrich Egg, Shining Cheese, Shining Goat Cheese, Shining Butter, Shining Goat Butter, Shining Mayonnaise
Bad Gifts: Failed Dishes, Cocktails, Perfume

Arrival: Toby is on the island from the beginning.

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