Sun Stones - Sunshine Islands

The ultimate goal in Sunshine Islands is to find all 100 sun stones, raising the islands that have sunk to the bottom of the ocean. The are 10 islands that are at the ocean floor. You start out with the other 5. On Spring 10, all the islanders will gather at the shrine on Meadow Island, claiming to have heard a strange voice. When you examine the shrine, a sprite, Agete, will appear. After explaining the importance of the sun stones, you can search for the 100 sun stones. Once a day he'll give you a clue on how to get them.

[edit] Finding Sun Stones

[edit] On the Islands

  • Rice Island - The tree farthest to the right in the upper right corner.
  • Volcano Island - The pool of lava.
  • Harvest Sprite Island - The fence behind the field.
  • Ranch Island - The windmill by the water pump.
  • Animal Island - The water pond.
  • Verdure Island - The bush in between Mirabelle's and Chen's shop.
  • Lighthouse Island - The stone wall in the back.
  • Mushroom Island - The largest mushroom on the right.
  • Sprout Island - The well close to Gannon's shop.
  • Sprout Island - The barrel near the front of Will's yacht.
  • Mystic Islands - The church's bell.
  • Mystic Islands - The lamp on the left of the Witch Princess' house.
  • Greenhouse Island - The bush in the left side.
  • Link Island - The left bridge post in the bridge that leads to Ranch Island.
  • Tree Island - The bush that's in the south east edge.

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