Spells (RF2)


[edit] Spells

Several spells are hidden throughout the game. They can be acquired by investigating shelves, tables or other means. To use them, set a spell to Y or X.

There are two types of spells. Spell Books and Monster Spells.

[edit] Monster Spells

Monster spells are spells that allow your monster to do special effects, like do their strongest attack or find items.

First Generation Monster Spell:

  • Special Concerto - A sprightly tune. Allied monsters will flash yellow and perform their best move if successful.

Second Generation Monster Spells:

  • Striking March - A rousing tune. Allied mainsters will flash red and go on a rampage when they hear it.
  • Inquisitive Waltz - A measured piece. Allied monsters will search their surroundings and maybe find hidden items.((Only works if all monsters in area are destroyed.))

[edit] Spells

Various spell books can be found in the game. The can be instantly cast without any monsters, as long as you have Rune Points.

First Generation Spell Book:

  • Fireball - Hurls a blazing ball of flame.

Second Generation Spell Books:

  • Escape - Very useful magic that will whisk you to safety faster than you can say "There's no place like home."
  • Life Drain - Fires a bullet of darkness, absorbing some damage; becomes stronger as you repair it.
  • Shine - Creates spinning bullets of light that surround you; more bullets appear as you repair it.
  • Sonic Wind - Unleashes scythes of wind that chase down enemies; more scythes appear as you repair it.
  • Stone Spike - Makes rocks spike up at your feet; becomes stronger as you repair it.
  • Water Laser - Fires water at high pressure; more lasers will appear as you repair it.
  • Cure - Heaing magic, restores HP; heals more as you repair it.
  • Medication - Status ailment magic. Cures poison. ((As you find both missing pages it will also cure paralysis and seals.))

[edit] Advanced Spells

  • Dragon Break - This is a special support-type spell that can be acquired from the library after you have collected all of the the tablets.
  • Omni-Gate - A spell received near the end of the game. Allows Kyle to return home.

[edit] Repairing Spell Books

The spell books you receive are damaged, except for Escape. To repair them, find the missing pages for each spell book; most missing pages can be found through requests at the bulletin board in the De Sainte-Coquille Park.

Each missing page will have a number and it will describe which magic book they can be used to repair. When you have the right number of a missing page with the right spell book, you can ask Mana, in the morning classes, to repair it for you.

When the Spell book is repaired, the spell becomes stronger.

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