Son's Career (AnWL)

There are six careers your child can get (seven if you split the two types of farmers). Depending on who you befriend, the items you show him, and the toys you get his career will change.


[edit] Scholar

Toys: Blocks and Toy Car
Items: Anything from dig site
Befriend: Carter, Flora, and Daryl
Places to take him: Daryl's House, Carter's Tent, The Dig Site

[edit] Artist

Toys: Scratchpad
Items: Painting (Obtain from Cody)
Befriend: Cody
Places to take him: Cody's house

[edit] Athlete

Toys: Ball
Items: None
Befriend: Wally and Hugh
Places to take him: Wally's house
Note: Don’t ride your horse. Running instead will help your son choose this career.

[edit] Farmer

Toys: None
Items: Hoe, Watering Can, Plants, and Seeds
Befriend: Vesta, Celia, and Marlin (Or Marry Him)
Places to take him: Vesta's farm

[edit] Musician

Toys: None
Items: Music Sheet (Get from Lumina) Tom Tom Drums (Obtain from Gustafa)
Befriend: Griffin, Lumina, and Gustafa (Or marry him)
Places to take him: Gustafa's yurt, Romana's Mansion, Blue Bar

[edit] Rancher

Toys: None
Items: Sickle, and Fodder
Befriend: None
Places to take him: Your farm
Note: While your son is a toddler, keep him in the barn and show him all of the animals.

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