Shara (RF3)

Shara is one of the bachelorettes in Rune Factory 3, Wells' daughter, and Monica's older sister. She was named after RF3's village, Sharance.


[edit] Quests

[edit] Bulletin Board Quests

[edit] First Quest

A mandatory "tutorial" quest - in this quest, Shara asks for you to introduce yourself to the villagers. Note that you must talk to each villager while they're in their home for it to count. Then she will ask you to ship one item. After you're done, she will give you 4 bags of Turnip Seeds as a reward.

[edit] Second Quest

Shara, hoping to promote the interest in flowers, has started giving out "flower kits". The kit she gives you includes a bad of seeds and Formula A, B, or C. The kind of seeds and Formula varies, so you can save and reset until you receive the kinds you want!

[edit] Postbox Quests

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