Sera and Serena's Quests (RF2)

[edit] First Quest

Sera and Serena would like you to play a game of Hide-and-Seek with them. Upon agreeing to play with them, they'll hide somewhere, and you must find them by talking to them. They'll keep changing locations, so if you don't know where to find them, you can go to Alicia for a prediction on their location. Your reward for finding them is Marmalade.

[edit] Second Quest

Sera and Serena decided to play Hide-and-Seek with each other, since they normally hide together while playing with someone else. If you speak to Serena, she'll tell you that she can't find Sera. Sera is hiding in Blessia Island - Sandy Path. She's glad you found her, and heads back to Serena with you. Serena thanks you for finding Sera, and rewards you with Chocolate Cookie.

[edit] Third Quest

Another quest involving a game. This time, it's a guessing game. Sera and Serena will continuously switch places, then ask you to guess which is which. Before switching, Sera is on the left, and Serena is on the right, so just keep track of one of them. Your reward for playing is Pudding.

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