Rosalind's Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

In this quest, you have to find Rosalind a Lamp Grass. She gives you detailed instructions on how and where to find it. If you take the path on the right at Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing, you should be able to find it. You can't actually see the Lamp Grass, but when you arrive at it's location, a message will pop up that says: 'There is a flower growing at your feet. It might be a LAMP GRASS.' Options

  • Take it.
You pick it up.
  • Leave it be.
You leave the area. If you enter again, you'll get the same two options. Once you give it to her, she'll thank you, and comments on it's beautiful fragrance. The fragrance can cure insomnia, which surprises you. You assume she's having trouble sleeping. She's glad you helped her, and is also glad that you take the time to read the bulletin. Your reward is 2000G.

[edit] Second Quest

Rosalind wants you to bring her an Apple. You can give her an Apple you picked from the tree in Trieste Forest, or one you got as a war trophy from a Pomme-Pomme. When you give it to Rosalind, she'll reward you with 4000G, and give you a useful item, a Harvest Basket.

[edit] Third Quest

Rosalind needs you to deliver a letter. Before she gives you the details, she asks you to come closer, so she can whisper it. She tells you to go to Byron's house, making sure that no one sees you, and give the letter to the mayor. Be sure to do it when Barrett is out of the house! When you've done so, return to Rosalind. She'll reward you with 6000G and 100 pieces of wood.

[edit] Fourth Quest

This quest is a little hard. Of all the things Rosalind wants you to do, she needs you to catch a cold! It is possible to purposely catch a cold. If you stay up for two nights in a row, you'll catch one. Rosalind developed a medicine to cure a cold, and she needs you to be the test subject. When you've done that, return to her. She'll notice your sickly appearance, and give you a diagnosis: You were able to catch a cold, and a harsh one, too. She gives you the medicine, and you're cured the moment you take it! She thanks you, and rewards you with 8000G. Afterwards, she asks you to visit her regularly. She needs to check for side-effects! Of course, she says that you'll definitely be okay, but you're still a bit worried.

[edit] Fifth Quest

Rosalind wants to share the new recipes she's invented with you. She feels it's the best way to repay you. She's a little worried that you won't, but you won't pass up a chance to try Rosalind's cooking! She happily thanks you, and asks you to meet her at Alvarna - North Square. When you go there, she's set up a picnic. You eat up, and compliment her food. She's glad that you like it! While eating, you get a little rice on your cheek, so she wiped it off for you. After you're done eating, you thank her, and she thanks you for making some nice memories with her.

[edit] Sixth Quest

When you tell Rosalind you'll help her out, she giggles, and says that everything's "going exactly to plan." This confuses you, but she clarifies what she meant by telling you the danger of the quest. She assures you that it isn't all that dangerous, as she just needs you to tame a Wooly from Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing. Get the Small Fleece that it has after you tame it by shearing it.
Note: Only small fleece will work with this quest! If you give her any other size fleece (Medium or Large), it will be treated as a gift. You can also use a Small Fleece that you have previously gotten.
When you give it to her, she thanks you, and you ask her what she's using it for. She tells you that she's the shortest person in her family, and that she wears high heels to make her look taller. The shoes that she currently uses for this have worn down, so she needs new ones. The type of shoes she needs aren't being produced anymore, and the only person that's selling them is putting a large price on them. Rosalind decided that it'd be better to make her own. The requests she put up on the board are to get the materials needed for them. She thanks you for helping her out. The secret letter she had you deliver in the third quest regarded the shoes. She rewards you with 10000G.

[edit] Seventh Quest

In this quest, Rosalind just wants you to meet her at the entrance to Trieste Forest. As such, there is no reward for this quest.

[edit] Eighth Quest

Rosalind wants you to find her a rare vegetable, a Golden Cabbage. This request is rather unique, as you can only get golden crops in the second generation. She knows that it will be hard to find one, but she'll help you out in any way she can. When you speak to her afterwards, she recommends you talk to her brother Max while he's in his bedroom.
Note: Max will only be in his bedroom after 9:00 PM. If you haven't befriend the de Sainte Coquille family to a certain friendship level, then their house will be locked after 6:00 PM. When you talk to Max, he asks you if you were looking for a Golden Cabbage for Rosalind. He has one on hand, and he'll give it to you for free! You thank him, but you still feel that it was his loss. He doesn't really care, as he's expecting some large "returns" in the future. You don't understand what he means, so he tells you to disregard it. When you give it to Rosalind, she'll compliment you. You're embarrassed, and she mentions that you look cute when you're embarrassed. This causes a long silence, and she nervously takes her words into context. She rewards you with 20000G, and quickly whips up a salad from it. It's her latest recipe, called (the apptly named) "Golden Cabbage Salad". You compliment it, and she decides to also make a "De Sainte-Coquille Cole Slaw" from the cabbage that's left over.

[edit] Ninth Quest

Rosalind needs you to find Royal Curry for Herman. It's urgent, but you can't make any Royal Curry yourself, since you don't have a kitchen, and can't buy it anywhere. Once again, Max helps you out, and gives you Royal Curry. Rosalind requested for you to do this because she wants her father to look at you in a better way.

[edit] Tenth Quest

When you approach Rosalind, she'll request that you talk to Max. He'll ask you if you've ever thought of marrying someone, and if you have anyone in mind. Your options are:

  • There is.
  • No, not right now.

He'll ask you if the girl you're referring to is Rosalind. Now your options are:

  • H-How did you know that?!
  • I think you got bad information!

It doesn't matter which one of these options you pick, as he'll just respond with his awareness of your feelings. He'd love to see you and Rosalind get married, and will support you as you court her.
Note:Rosalind must be at 10 hearts for Max to reveal the information on proposing to her.
When you talk to him after Rosalind is at 10 hearts, he'll note your positive influence on her, and hopes you will continue to watch after her. He then says that Rosalind has hoped for a romantic like as seen in fairytales she read growing up. Her most favorite one ended with the knight giving a bouquet of roses to the princess, and sweeping her off her feet. He wants you to bring Rosalind a bouquet of 100 Roses, assuring you that it would make her very happy. You don't know where to find that many roses, but Max will give you a 100-Rose Bouquet if you give him 9 ripe Tomatoes, as Tomatoes are his favorite. The type of flowers used in the story are 'Geschule' flowers. They're very expensive, fetching a price of 68000G! He can get them easily, but he thinks you should work for it, so the gift will have more value. Upon giving him 9 Tomatoes, he'll give you the bouquet of 100 roses.

[edit] Second Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Rosalind wants you to find her Salmon. You can find Salmon at Messhina Valley. Once you've found one, give it to her for a reward of 10000G.

[edit] Second Quest

Another request for food. This time, Rosalind requests Relax Tealeaves. You can't buy Tealeaves anywhere, so you'll need to make some yourself. The reward for doing so is 20000G.

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