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[edit] Recipes

You can synthesize many items, equipment, food and other goods in Rune Factory Frontier. These items require several ingredients to make. You will have to gather the ingredients yourself and use the utilities in your home to create an item. Talk to Lute to buy a forge, kitchen or a laboratory and ask Kross to expand it later on. The crafting bench comes along with the forge.
Each item than can be synthesized in your home is divided into groups and listed in separate pages:

[edit] Cooking

Oven Recipes
Kitchen Recipes
Frying Pan Recipes
Pot Recipes
Blender Recipes
Steamer Recipes

[edit] Pharmacy

Healing/Status Recovery Potions
Other Potions

[edit] Crafting

Head Equipment
Torso Equipment
Neck Equipment
Arm Equipment

[edit] Forging

Farm Tools
Battle Axes
Battle Hammers
Two-handed Swords
One handed Swords
Spears and Lances

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