Recipes (StH)

In Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland you can actually cook the recipes you obtain. First you have to buy the kitchen from the Carpenter Shop. All you have to do in order to cook is toss various items into the pot, oven, or frying pan. The pot, oven, and frying pan are the only utensils.

Here is a list of all the things you can cook.

StH Cooking.jpg

[edit] Oven

Simple Cake: Egg, small milk, breadfruit
Special Cheesecake: Milk, special cheese, breadfruit
Flan: Egg, milk
Fruit Flan: Egg, very berry, milk
Fruit Cake: Milk, fruit, breadfruit
Cheesecake: Milk, cheese, breadfruit
Cake: Egg, milk, breadfruit
Honey Cake: Egg, breadfruit, honey
Leaf-Grill Fish: Fish, herb

[edit] Frying Pan

Simple Omlette: Milk, egg
Sunny Side Up: Egg
Cheese Omlette: Egg, cheese
Fruit Omlette: Egg, very berry
Special Cheese Omlette: Egg, Special Cheese
Fried Fish: Fish
Pancake: Egg, breadfruit, milk
Cooked Fish: Fish
Mixed Omlette: Egg, tomatoe
Sauteed Fish with Cream: Large fish, milk, herb
Sandwich 1: Soft bread, hard boiled egg
Sandwich 2: Soft bread, tomato
Sandwich 3: Soft bread, cheese

[edit] Pot

Blueberry Jam: Blueberry, blueberry, blueberry
Cranberry Jam: Cranberry, cranberry, cranberry
Mixed Berry Jam 1: Blueberry, cranberry
Mixed Berry Jam 2: Cranberry, very berry
Mixed Berry Jam 3: Blueberry, very berry
Very Berry Jam: Very berry, very berry, very berry
Mixed Jam: Very berry, cranberry, blueberry
Hot Milk: Small milk
Yogurt: Medium milk
Cheese: Small milk
Special Cheese: Grand milk
Cream of Tomato soup: Milk, tomato
Cream of Corn soup: Milk, corn
Mushroom soup: Milk, mushroom
Boiled Egg: Egg
Creamy Soup: Milk, potato
Bouillabaise: Fish, tomato

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