Ray's Quests (RF2)

[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Ray wants you to find him a Medicinal Herb. He tells you that you can find them on your farm, and also in Trieste Forest..
Note: You can also find them in about every tillable area, so you can also get them from Messhina Valley, Padova Mountains, and Blessia Island. You can also get buy some from Natalie.
When you've got one, give it to Ray, and he'll reward you with 50G.

[edit] Second Quest

Alicia and Natalie got in another fight. This normally happens, but Ray doesn't know what's going on between them, and he knows they wouldn't tell him. He wants you to find out what's happening, and hopefully, get them to make up. When you talk to Natalie about the fight, she'll ask where you got that information from. When you say Ray was worried, Natalie says he's to sensitive, and that he needs to toughen up. She also adds that she'll never forgive Alicia. The rest of the quest can be viewed here.

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