Privera Forest (RF3)

   Privera Forest is the one of the 'dungeon' areas in Rune Factory 3, although it is not actually a dungeon but an open forest.  It is the first area that you will likely go into outside of your home and the village, and it houses the weakest monsters.  Daria lives in a house right at the entrance here, so don't forget to come here if you wish to eventually marry her.  

Sign Description: Difficulty 1 Star, Suggested Level 1 "An enchanting forest. Ancient ruins hint at a great city that once stood there many ages ago. But, lately some new statues have been added to the scenery." Mineable Items: Scrap Metal, Iron, Bronze, Earth Crystal, Amethyst Monsters: Wooly, Orc, Orc Hunter, High Orc, Orc Archer, Elephant, Giant Beetle, Hercules Beetle, Flower Blossom, Spider, Ant, Killer Ant, Buffaoo, Chipsqueek, Leaf Ball, Big Mushroom, Planchoa, Onion Ghost, Orc Rider, Pomme Pomme Season: Spring

The boss here is a raccoon. He starts out small, and then he grows in size as the main character battles him.

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