Poultry (HMDS)

There are two types of birds you can own in Harvest Moon DS. You can raise chickens and you can raise ducks. Both foul will live in the poultry barns you can hire Gotz to build. Before you can buy ducks you'll need to have the Duck Pond built as well.

All Poultry produce eggs, chickens lay every day, and ducks lay every other day. The more hearts a bird has, the larger egg it can lay. You can increase your affection with your animal by leaving it outside, picking it up and down, and by using the Touch Glove to pet your bird.

A Japanese screenshot of petting your chicken.

There are two ways to receive a new bird. One is buying one at the Poultry Farm, and the other is hatching an egg. To do so, take one of the eggs of the bird you want to "breed" and set it on the straw bin inside of the Poultry Barn. After three days it will hatch into a chick/duckling, and after ten more days it will be fully grown and ready to lay eggs.

Feeding your birds is simple. Just buy Bird Feed from the Poultry Farm. Once you buy the food, it will appear in the slot inside of your Poultry Barn. Place one bundle of feed for each bird you own. Do that once a day and your birds should stay happy and healthy. Poultry is happy to be outside as long as it is not raining or snowing, so that's always a good way to raise affection. If you leave your birds outside overnight, you do not need to feed them, and they do not require grass or any kind of feed. Beware of wild dogs and bad weather if you leave them out overnight, wild dogs will be put off by building a fence of branches or stones around your birds and you should check tomorrow's weather before leaving your birds out all night. Now birds can get sick and die, so make sure to feed and pet it everyday, and don't leave it outside overnight. The average healthy lifespan for poultry is five years.

The touch glove use here is very similar to the dog and cat, all you can do is pick up the bird and pet it. If the touch glove is equipped, when you pick it up the petting screen will appear on the bottom screen of your DS. Repeat what is described in the Dog/Cat section for ten seconds, and you're done! Now set the bird down again and you've done your part.

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