Obtaining Notes - HM:MM

[edit] What are they?

Notes are not something you can hold. If you do a certain good deed or participate in an event you could possibly unlock a new note! You will see a shining orb over your head, saying the name of the note and what the note means. After that, you can not see it again. You can look at how many notes you have by looking at your menu. It will be the page full of circles of all different colors.

[edit] What to do

You need 50 musical notes to unlock the Harvest Goddess. When you have gotten all 50, you may visit the Harvest Goddess in the Mountains. She lives in the very top left corner of the entire map.

You will get a cutscene for every 5 notes that you get. It's a good idea to visit her every time you get 5 more notes, or else you'll be sitting there for quite a while waiting for it to end!

Each 5 notes gets you a special instrument. The instruments, in the end, will come together and awaken the Harvest Goddess.

5 Notes: Marimba
10 Notes: Timpani Drum
15 Notes: Harp
20 Notes: Piano
25 Notes: Violin
30 Notes: Cello
35 Notes: Flute
40 Notes: Acoustic Guitar
45 Notes: Trumpet

At 50 notes, you do not receive an instrument but instead trigger a cutscene which will free the Harvest Goddess.

[edit] All the notes

Here is the list of every single note you can obtain. Each one gives the name of the note, how to get the note, and the description that you are given when you get the note.

First Step Note
Received when you got your pedometer.
It's difficult to take the first step no matter what you are doing. The first step of life note.

First Shipping Note
Received with your first shipping box shipment.
Lots of deliveries from the first. Happiness of the very first delivery note.

10,000 Steps Note
Received after 10,000 Steps with your pedometer.
You've walked 10,000 Steps. You can walk more than you think you can. A note of strong feeling.

Cooking Note
Received when you made your first food.
Cooking for the first time. A note for appreciating the happiness of cooking by yourself.

Island Note
Received when you went to the Island for the first time.
You have arrived on new soil! What can you catch here? A note of excitementand happiness.

Rock Climber Note
Received the first time you scaled Mt. Moon.
Fierce winds couldn't make you quit. You've reached the top of a steepcliff. A note giving praise to this honour.

Underground Lake Note
Received at the 100th underground level.
The strength and fortune of reaching the Underground Lake in the cave! A note of joy for this achievement.

Night Owl Note
Received for staying up until dawn.
Tired from staying up all night. But you like to stay up sometimes. A note of the sound of night.

Rain Note
Received for working 10 hours non-stop in the rain.
You can hear an upbeat rhythm if you run around in the rain without caring whether you get wet.

Sun Note
Received for working 10 hours non-stop in the sun.
When you run around in the sun you feel your strength flowing through you. A bright and cheerful rhythm.

A Stationary Note
Received for no Controller inputs for a long time.
Remaining still for some time, wanting a chance to look at the surroundings. A quiet note.

Lone Wolf Note.
Received for not talking to any one all day.
Not speaking to anyone for some time, wanting to devote yourself to working silently. A note that seems a little sad.

Whistle Note
Received for finger whistling 50 times.
Answering the sounds of a whistle, your beloved animals will come to you. A bright and cheerful note.

Limitation Note
Received for a zero strength.
You failed and fell down, but sometimes that's important in life. A note for forging ahead though you fall down.

Hustle-and-Bustle Note
Received after meeting 35 villagers.
It's great when you meet people. It takes time to get to know each other, but a gentle note for coming together.

Poor Note
Received for having 100G or less in the morning.
When you have no money, you fully understand its importance. A note for re-evaluating the value of money.

Lucky Note
Received for finding more than 1000G from coins.
If you pile up dirt, it becomes a mountain. You'd be happy if money piled up like this! A note of simple effort.

High Spirit Note
Received for drinking soda 10 times or more.
Bubbles, life's way of relaxation. And sharing among friends. A note for the refreshing drinks.

Birth of Life Note
The first baby animal is born! The moment when a new life is born. A note for this deeply moving event.

Owner of Mother Earth Note
Received for owning 10 or more divisions.
Let's put lots of land to really good use. A note for the happiness and duty of being a landlord.

Snow Note
Received for working 10 hours straight in the snow.
Forgetting the coldness of the day as it snows, you feel cheerful. A note of running around.

Fodder Note
Received for cutting the grass 20 times.

Brushing Note
Received for grooming livestock 20 times.
Because they are your prized animals, groom them with all your heart. A calm and considerate note.

Egg Note
Received for 10 eggs shipped.
Thank you, chickens. A delivery filled with gratitude. A note for wonderful eggs.

Milking Note
Received for 10 milk units shipped.
Thank you, cows. The milk milked with gratitude. A note of calcium.

Shearing Note
Received for 10 wool units shipped.
Thank you, sheep. The wool that was gathered with gratitude. A note for soft sheep's wool.

Dyeing Note
Received for 1 coloured yarn ball shipped.
Dyeing the wool a pretty colour, and then turning the wool into clothes, so some one can wear it.

Gem Note
Received for shipping any one gem.
A note of sublime radiance for gems dug up from beneath the ground.

Calling Animals Note
Received for ringing the cow bell 20 times.
The sound of the bell to call the animals. A gentle note that echoes throughout the village.

Cultivation Note
Received for tilling 100 squares.
Plowing the land, breathing heavily. A note of repeated reserve strength.

Big Eater Note
Received for eating 50 meals.
In order to build up strength, be sure to eat everything on your plate! A note of thanks for the great meal.

Woodcutter Note
Received for cutting 20 trees or stumps.
Cutting down trees to collect lumber. A note of gratitude for the years it takes for them to grow.

Cloud Note
Received for working 10 hrs. on a cloudy day.
A cloudy day... A sense of coming rain. A blue feeling. A sense of blessing for flowers and grass.

Garbage Can Note
Received for throwing away garbage 20 times.
Throw garbage in the garbage can. It's an important rule to protect the beautiful surroundings.

Weed Note
Received for pulling 100 weeds.
Little by little, every day, your steady efforts bear fruit. A note of avidly pulling up weeds.

Gardening Note
Received for five flowers blooming at once.
Lets make beautiful scenery with lots of flowers. It will heal the hearts of people and animals. A gardening note.

Forest Note
Received for planting one tree.
More trees and flowers. Its important for the people, animals and the land. A note of the fragrance in green forests.

Destruction Note
Received for crushing stones, rocks, stakes, etc.
There are times when making things and breaking things seem to be the same. A note of strength and destruction.

Diary Note
Received for 30 diary saves.
Sometimes your actions have to be bold or sometimes prudent or discreet. A note obtained writing in your diary.

Cock-a-Doodle Doo Note
Received for winning the Chicken Contest.
A note of happiness for when the chicken you carefully raised became the best in the village.

Moo Note
Received for winning the Cow Contest.
A note of happiness for when the cows you carefully raised became the best in the village.

Baa Note
Received for winning the Sheep Contest.
A note of happiness for when the sheep you carefully raised became the best in the village.

Horse Race Note
Received for winning the Horse Race.
A note of happiness for when the horses you carefully raised became the best at the track.

Bow-Wow Note
Received for a dog friendliness level with 3 hearts.
Filled with affection for your trusted companion. Your dog is your best friend. A note for being friends forever!

Oink-Oink Note
Received for your first Truffle shipment.
The discovery of a special treasure buried underground. How exciting! A note for the smell of the first truffle.

Fire Prevention Note
Received for putting out your first fire.
When you make a bonfire, clean up completely afterwards! A note of relief and safety for putting fires out.

Lost Child Note
Received for finding a lost child.
A note praising the courage shown in helping frightened children. You're a hero.

Mole-Whacking Note
Received for whacking 10 moles.
They show their faces once in a while. Don't let them disturb the peace of the fields! A note for protecting the fields.

Bluebird Note
Received for getting a Blue Feather.
An item that is needed to propose. It's the symbol of happiness. A note for the Blue Feather you earned.

Wedding Day Note
Received for holding a wedding.
Your life together starts today. A happy note, hearing the bells ringing together.

Stork Note
Received for having a baby.
The reward of your love, the happiness of being pregnant with a small life. Thank you. A happy note.

Baby is Born Note
Received for a baby being born.
The love of two people bring new life into the world. The loud echo of a baby's crying. A happy note.

You Can Walk Note
Received for your baby's first steps.
A moment of pure happiness as your child stands up for the first time! A note for this happy memory.

Spring Footsteps Note
Received for attending New Year Festival.
A note of remembrance for seeing the first sunrise of the year with a special person.

Egg Dish Note
Received for attending the Egg Festival.
Let's make delicious food with eggs. A fun note for the wonderful smell.

Spring Fragrance Note
Received for attending the Flower Festival.
The Flower Festival, held for the Harvest Goddess. A note filled with the fragrance of flowers.

Blue Sea, White Clouds Note
Received for winning at the Beach Festival.
The Beach Festival to wish for the safety of the sea and good health. A note played by the blue sea.

Boat Sailing Note
Received for attending the Star Festival.
Setting a small bamboo boat afloat on the river to make a wish. A note of a special memory for two.

Firefly Flower Note
Received for attending the Firefly Festival.
The Firefly Festival to honour your ancestors. A solemn note floating on the night sea.

Fireworks Note
Received for attending the Fireworks Festival.
Beautiful fireworks painting the summr night sky. A note of resounding booms.

Moon Viewing Note
Received for attending the Moon Festival.
Viewing the moon and looking up at the sky together. A note of this treasured memory.

Harvest Note
Received for attending the Harvest Festival.
The joy of a good harvest. A note sending the feeling of thanks to the mother Earth.

Pumpkin Note
Received for attending the Pumpkin Festival.
Eating pumpkin to make it through the winter in good health. A note for that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Flame Note
Received for attending the Firefly Festival.
The flame for those who were lost at sea. Somehow peaceful; a note of requiem for that feeling.

Popular Note
Received for receiving 5 cakes at Thanksgiving.
Sending your friends a piece of cake to show your appreciation. You may get one too! A note for popularity!

Starlight Note
Received for attending the Starry Night Festival.
A note of remembrance for seeing the most beautiful night sky of the year with a special person.

New Year's Sunrise Note
Received for seeing the first sunrise of the year.
Spring is already here! Celebrate the new year with a New Year's festival. A note for refreshing your heart.

Full Bloom Flowers Note
Received for shipping each type of flower and herb.

Treasure Hoard Note
Received for shipping each type of ore.
A note of sublime radiance for gems dug up from beneath the ground.

Animal Kingdom Note
Received for raising barn animals and a chicken.
A note of happiness for buying all the animals for your farm.

Book Note
Received for reading all the books.
A complete set of books at home and at the library. A note to remember gaining lots of knowledge.

Super Chef Note
Received for collecting 100 or more recipes.
You've gathered a lot of recipes for cooking. You're ready for anything, any dish at all. A super chef note.

Second House Note
Received for constructing a second home.
A second house. This is every one's wish and life's dream. A note of happiness for finally getting one.

Expert Angler Note
Received for catching each type of fish.
You've caught all the kinds of fish there are! This is the acclaim of the true fisherman. A note for the avid angler.

'Master Angler Note
' Received for catching 100 or more fish.
You've fished everywhere! You've caught all kinds of fish. A note for catching 100 fish.

Rubber Boots Note
Received for catching 10 pieces of garbage.
It's hardest to catch the one you want... Sometimes it's just like that. A taking-it-easy note.

Wild Note
Received for a wild animal visiting your home.
A note to remember making contact with wild animals and befriending them.

Art Note
Received by getting a picture and an aging pot.
A piece of art painted on a canvas. A piece of art made from living soil. A note for both artists.

Very Rich Note
Received when you have more than 100,000G.
Money is not everything, but it's nice to see the result of your hard work. A note for contemplating the figures.

Flower Girl Note
Received when Nina gives you a present. (Honey)
A farm girl with a love for bright petals. Her smile as bright and cheerful as the flowers is dazzling.

Explosive Girl Note
Received when Ann gives you a present. (Good Clay)
An inventor brimming with vim and vigour. Unending brightness like the sun, brightening up every one around you.

Apron Girl Note
Received when Ellen gives you a present. (Char Sashimi: 100G)
A girl who loves animals, loves cooking, and looks sharp with an apron. The short haircut sure looks cute, too.

Talented Girl Note
Received when Maria gives you a present. (Pickled Cabbage)
A young lady who loves nature and enjoys reading and art. She looks good in her prim clothes.

Night Moon Note
Received when Eve gives you a present. (Very Berry Soda)
An attractive belle who's cheerful. And those sad eyes she shows sometimes are attractive, too.

Girl with Glasses Note
Received when Gina gives you a present. (Milkshake)
A nurse whose reserved, motherly and likes to keep things neat. If you get sick, she'll take care of you.

Princess Note
Received when Dia gives you a present. (Blueberries)
A young lady who's a little haughty. But she's fainthearted and lonely. You just can't turn your back on her.

Waitress Note
Received when Katie gives you a present. (Yogurt: 540G)
She dreams of being a master cake maker and falling in love. She's at that awkward age, though.

Ponytail Note
Received when Gwen gives you a present. (Omelette: 620G)
She likes to ride horses. Good at cooking and draws in customers at the Inn. And her ponytail looks cute.

Heartfelt Note
Received when Lyla gives you a present. (Wool)
She loves flowers, animals and romance. A young lady who is always smiling like the spring breeze.

Cowboy Note
Received when Blue gives you a present. (Milk: 140G) (Sapphire Brooch at 5 hearts)
A hard-working young man. But that smile he makes is priceless. Is his hat a special message?

Social Craftsman Note
Received when Joe gives you a present. (Dace) (Coral Brooch at 5 hearts: 1035G)
An apprentice who sets the mood, he's friendly and upbeat. A beginner angler who knows his way around carpentry.

Cool Craftsman Note
Received when Kurt gives you a present. (Red herb) (Aquamarine Brooch at 5 hearts)
A quiet and unfreindly apprentice unlike his brother. But he's actually quite passionate and poetic.

Doctor Note
Received when the Doctor gives you a present. (Purple herb) (Potion at 5 hearts)
A doctor who's tranquil and mellow. But he has a secret fire in his heart. He is a friendly physician.

Patissier Note
Received when Carl gives you a present. (Pudding: 390G) (Chestnut Pie at 5 hearts: 900G)
An easygoing, optimistic cafe owner. His cakes are the cream of the crop. A cute guy with a baby face.

Master Pick-Up Artist Note
Received when Dan gives you a present. (Apple Soda: 740G) (Grape Soda at 5 hearts)
He has a love of gambling and girls, but when the time comes, can he quit? A hot-blooded guy from the sea.

Fisherman Note
Received when Ray gives you a present. (Amago) (Salmon Meuniere at 5 hearts: 610G)
Caught up in a life where fishing is everything. A little bit shy around girls, but if it's about fishing, he's your man.

Traveler Note
Received when Basil gives you a present. (Limestone) (Orange Heart Perfume at 5 hearts: 460G)
A somewhat mysterious plant hunter. Searches greenery even in the winter. If it has to do with plants, he knows it.

Male Note
Received when Bob gives you a present. (Good Egg) (Topaz Brooch at 5 hearts)
A gentle person with strength. A reliable big brother who has a refined sense about him.

Shy Guy Notev
Received when Louis gives you a present. (Silver Ore) (Caffeine at 5 hearts)
A geeky inventor. People might think he's weak, but he is actually nice. He's just not good with people.

Meek Heart Note
Received when Jamie gives you a present. (Go to the Harvest Goddess when you have all other Notes.)
He is stubborn and ill-tempered. He often makes you upset, but you feel like you were able to bond with him a bit.

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