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[edit] Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, NewGame+

[edit] What is NewGame+?

The NewGame+ feature (also found in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility) introduces the ability to play as your child in a new or overwritten save file, starting an essentially new game, with included benefits. NewGame+ can be considered a side quest or alternate story line to the main game.

[edit] Requirements to Begin Your NewGame+

In order to partake in the NewGame+ (known in HM:AP as "The Children's Journey"), you must first complete the Main Story (The Five Bells) and view the end credits for the game. Additionally, one or both of your kids must have grown up completely and experience their Child Day Celebration (which means you must have married and had these children initially).

[edit] Making the Seedling

There are several "events" you must experience in order to succeed in the Children's Journey. The objective of this story is to grow the Goddess Seedling and restore power to another island. There are several steps that need to be taken to correctly complete this task.

Step 1: A Pure Heart - Visit the Harvest King at any time. He will ask you to bring to him a person with a pure heart. At this time, he will also form the portal from the entrance to the mine to the mountaintop. Bring your child to the mountaintop and talk to the Harvest King. Select the option, "Let ___ do it.". The Harvest King tells you only one with a pure heart can plant the Goddess Tree Seedling on the island to the east and dubs your child "Bearer of the Seedling". However, to do this, there must be a seedling, and a guardian of that seedling on the new land.

Step 2: Creating the Seedling - The seedling is said to be made of Nature's Bounty. If you can supply the Harvest King with Nature's Bounty, a seedling can be created. Go to the Goddess Spring. Finn asks all the sprits what they think Nature's Bounty is. The responses you get are as follows:

Diamond - King Salmon - Shining Honeydew - Cheesecake - Shining Hearty Lunch

You must gather all of these items in order to advance.

1. Diamond - You can get a diamond by mining. Hammer crystals in the Garmon Mine to get white wonderfuls. You'll find the chances of getting white wonderfuls is highest on levels 25F-29F of the Garmon Mines. Refine white wonderfuls at Mira's Accessories until you get a Diamond.

2. King Salmon - You'll have to fish up your King Salmon. To do this, fish at night near the large watermill in Flute Fields. Fish in Summer/Fall between 7:00 PM and 8:50 AM with a golden rod until you catch a King Salmon.

3. Shining Honeydew - Plant honeydew seeds in summer with the darkest soil (use a lot of fertilizer) and hope for Shining quality. You can also buy Shining Honeydew at the farm if you've met Taylor and Anissa and your total shipping amount is greater than 160,000G.

4. Cheesecake - You can bake cheesecake in an oven. The recipe can be found under oven recipes on this page.

5. Shining Hearty Lunch - You can obtain a Shining Hearty Lunch from your spouse randomly, or make it yourself. You can find the recipe for a shining hearty lunch, under the cutting board section here.

Deliver these items to the Harvest King on the Mountaintop and he will create the seedling and leave it in your care.

[edit] Growing the Seedling

Talk to the Goddess at any time, and she will plant the tree. She tells you it needs to be watered by your child, five days in a row, in order for your child to become the Guardian of the tree. Do not miss a day of watering, or the seedling will die. Finn will remind you every morning about your task to water the tree. You must take your child to the spring every day and approach the seedling to water it. On the fifth day, the Goddess will congratulate you and Finn (Finn gets a promotion and powers!) and hand over the seedling.

[edit] Starting the Journey

To start the journey, go to the mountaintop with the seedling in your rucksack. Tell the Harvest King you are ready to send your child on the journey to another island. This will trigger a series of even that evening. No dialogue choices will effect the proceeding events, so you may say whatever you would like. The journey will begin, and you will be given the option to give your child one thing before parting ways (no tools).

[edit] Benefits of NewGame+

Many prefer NewGame+ over starting a new file, because there are many benefits that come from the Children's Journey. For one, you immediately swallow two power berries, increasing your stamina level to 1000. All tool skill levels will start at level 5, and you will receive the Goddess Hoe and the Goddess Watering Can. You get letters from your parents now and then, and your child will come to deliver the gift you sent with them to your house as a gift.

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