Mist (Rune Factory Frontier Version)

Mist is originally from the Rune Factory 1 game, but she returns in Rune Factory Frontier; actually, she is the entire reason for you being in the village of Trampoli in the game Rune Factory Frontier. You are there because Mist disappeared from the village of Kardia and you left in search of her, only to find her in the village where the new game takes place. She says that she feels as if she is being called, and speaks of dreams that she has in her sleep. You can raise Mist's heart levels simply by working in your field. She constantly says that she loves a person who "works by the sweat of their brow" and that you should remember to till your fields at all times. Sometimes, she'll stand in front of your house, and when it's raining, she'll actually go inside your house and make herself at home.

Birthday: Autumn 1

Favorite gift: Emery Flower

Other good gifts: Turnips, 4 leaf Clovers, Croquette, Baked Apple, Fried Udon, Seafood Gratin, Sweet Potato, Cake, Steamed Bread, Cheese Bread, Pound Cake

Hated gift: Pickled turnip

Constellation event: Spring, Turnip constellation, 6:40 - 7:50 pm

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