Mining (AnWL)


[edit] Where?

In AnWL, mining is done up at the waterfall. Rather than a mine, it's an excavation site where Carter and Flora live. You will notice a tarp on the ground with a small hold leading into it. Treat this hold like you would any old door, and go down.

As the years go by, the excavation site will become bigger and bigger!

[edit] How?

If Carter is there, talk to him. If he is on the job, he should ask you if you would like to help. If you know how to do it, do not accept his instructions on how to do it - unless you want to hear them anyways!

He will give you a small orange shovel. Simply dig around the bottom and see what you can find! If you find something, your character should go !, and shortly afterwards a bright light will appear, fading away until you see what the artifact is.

Carter will take your bag and your things, so it's no use taking any extra food with you!

[edit] The Artifacts

Every chapter something new will be available for you to find. However, once you unlock something, it will always be available. For instance, in Chapter 1 you find the coin, so it will be available in all the chapters.

If you find an artifact, you can keep it, give it to someone as a gift, or sell it to Van for G!

[edit] Chapters

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter 4
Tablet C

Skull Fossil: 50G
Human Statue: 40G
Moon Ore: 40G
Coin: 10G

Tablet D

Sugar Ore: 50G
Fossil: 40G
Horse Statue: 70G
Silver Coin: 40G

Tablet E

Hip Fossil: 60G
Hop Ore: 80G
Jade Ball: 150G

Tablet F

Gold Coin: 50G
Strange Fossil: 100G
Strange Item: 300G; Haggle 360G

[edit] Tablets

Each chapter there is a stone tablet. If you find a stone tablet, you can not keep it! It must be given to Carter - the game gives you no choice. If you find every stone tablet, you could get something special!

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