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[edit] Marriage

Marriage is a big part in Harvest Moon Games. There are 11 eligible bachelors in the game. They are Carter, Griffin, Gustafa, Marlin, Rock, Skye, Cliff, Gray, Kai, Rick and Trent. Each with different personalities. In order to make a man like you more, you must give him gifts. Be careful though, each person has his likes and dislikes.

Important Note: Kai only comes to town in the Summer to run his food stand on the beach. Cliff, Gray, Trent, and Rick will only come to town if you connect to your copy of 'More Friends of Mineral Town'.

[edit] Marriage Requirements

Before you can get married, there are some requirements too:

  • You must buy a Big Bed from the Shopping Channel
  • Your potential spouse's heart level must be red
  • You must have already rescued 60 Harvest Sprites, thus letting the Harvest Goddess free.
  • You must have seen all his heart events.
  • You must propose with a Blue Feather which can be bought at the supermarket once a boy's heart is orange.

Note: Unlike all of the other bachelors, Skye has a green heart event. Don't forget to do that one, too, if you happen to be wooing Skye!

[edit] How to get Married

Simply present your Blue Feather to your desired bachelor in order to propose. If he doesn't accept, you may have not fulfilled all requirements above. But don't worry, you can always propose again.

Note: Skye's proposal is different. Show him the Blue Feather, and then go to bed with it equipped.

[edit] Life after Marriage

If you can maintain your husband's heart level at red, after a season of so, you might get pregnant. You will wake up one morning feeling ill. Your husband will take you to Dr. Hardy's home and you two will find out you're going to become parents! The child of each bachelor look different. (Unless you married Skye or a Mineral Town bachelor, in which case your child's looks will be random)

Spouse Child Description
Marlin Black hair, green clothes
Carter Black hair, red and purple striped clothing
Griffin Light Brown hair, orange and brown clothing
Rock Blonde hair, white outfit with blue stripes
Gustafa Red hair, light blue clothing

If you want to choose your baby's gender, here's a tip:

To get a female child you must propose on an odd day, thus getting married on an even day and having you child on an even day.

To get a male child you must propose on an even day, thus getting married on an odd day and having your child on an odd day.

Note: Even though Skye's proposal is a bit different, [proposing then going to bed, as stated above] the same even/odd day principal applies.

Note: Though the even/odd day principal has been confirmed by some people, it has not worked properly for others, and leads to the possibility that your child’s gender is random.

Also, your child will grow up later in the game. They will not help around on the farm, and neither will your husband.

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