Marriage (AWL:SE)

In this game, there are four ladies that are available to marry. You can propose to them with the blue feather once they have four hearts.


[edit] Celia

Celia is a sweet heart who likes simple things such as flowers and crops. Those are two of the gifts that you can give her. She is fairly easy to get, since she is so sweet and loving. Her diary is found up in her room under her bed where she lives, in Vesta's farm.

[edit] Lumina

Lumina is a playful musician who likes a lot of flowers. She can be shy, but once you get to know her she is very sweet and loving. She lives at her grandmother's (Romana's) mansion.

[edit] Muffy

A screenshot of proposing to Muffy.

Muffy is the biggest flirt of all of the girls you can marry. She is very outgoing and friendly, and if you give her a flower a day, she will have four hearts in no time. Her diary is hidden in the potted plant in the Blue Bar, where she lives.

[edit] Nami

Nami is intelligent and a deep thinking. She isn't very friendly at first and she seems to have an attitude problem. She likes fall flowers, clay artifacts, skull fossils, and home cooking. She lives in the Inn, and her diary is found up in her room.

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