Kids (AnWL)

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The three possible appearances of your child.


[edit] Overview

You will start out in chapter two having a son. You may name him whatever you like. He will have a different look depending on who's son he is. Marlin's son will be black haired, Rock's will be the blonde haired one that looks the most like him, and Gustafa's will be the remaining one.

[edit] Stages

Your son will go through various stages of his life as you progress through the Chapters.
Chapter 2: Toddler
Chapter 3: Boyhood
Chapter 4: Teenager
Chapter 5 & 6: Adult.
You will die on chapter 7, when your son is an adult.

[edit] Personality

The personality of your child will depend on the personality of his father. Marlin's kid goes for farming or ranching. Gustafa's kid likes music and art. Rock's kid likes athletics. Also, if your child has a good strength in a certain category, then it will be easier to increase their like of that category. But basically, Rock's son is loud and brash, Marlin's is quiet and hardworking, and Gustafa's is very into music.

[edit] Checking Your Diary

You can see what your son is interested in by looking at your diary. The meters will increase slowly during each chapter, but there will be a big jump between the chapters depending on how you answer the questions. For example if Rock says something to you like "Wow (kid's name) sure is a good athlete", you could agree or disagree. If you agree, it will give your kid a boost in athletics. But if you disagree, then every other category will receive a small boost.

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