Kid Careers (AWL:SE)

There are six careers your child can get (seven if you split the two types of farmers). Depending on who you befriend, the items you show him, and the toys you get, his career will change.


  • Toys: Blocks
  • Items: Anything from dig site
  • Befriend: Carter and Flora


  • Toys: Scratchpad
  • Items: None
  • Befriend: Cody


  • Toys: Ball
  • Items: None
  • Befriend: Wally


  • Toys: None
  • Items: Music Sheet (Obtain from Lumina)
  • Befriend: Griffen, Lumina, and Gustafa

Produce Farmer:

  • Toys: None
  • Items: Hoe, Watering Can, Plants, Seeds
  • Befriend: Marlin, Celia, Vesta


  • Toys: None
  • Items: Sickle and Fodder
  • Befriend: None
  • Tip: While your son is a toddler, keep him in the barn and show him all of your animals.


  • Toys: Toy Car
  • Items: None
  • Befriend: Kassey, Patrick, and Daryll

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