Julia's Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Gordon forgot his Holy Book in the Bathhouse, and Julia wants you to return it to him for her. You're both very surprised that he would forget it. He is a priest, after all! Once you return it to him, he says he didn't even notice he left it! This shocks you, but he says that it isn't the book that's important. Following the scriptures inside it is. After you return to Julia, she rewards you with Vegetable Juice.

[edit] Second Quest

Tanya left her sword in the Bathhouse. She was trying to show some fighting strategies to the other customers. If you talk to Julia after that, she says that you're a great guy, and "so cute too", but you don't catch the second part! After you return the sword to Tanya, she apologizes, and says that the more important something is to her, the easier it is for her to forget it. You think it's pretty hard to forget something like a sword, but she had a long day... and a couple of drinks. When you return to Julia, she rewards you with Toyherb Seeds. She really likes Toyherbs, and suggests giving some to her after you plant it.

[edit] Third Quest

Julia made some new soap, and she wants you to try it out for her. You try it out, and say that it's nice. Your reward is 100 pieces of wood and Fruit Sandwich.

[edit] Fourth Quest

Julia's hungry, and she wants you to bring her healthy food. Go to Douglas, and he'll have some- Cabbage Cakes and Salad. You decide to take the Salad, but Douglas thinks a man should eat Cabbage Cakes! Salad won't make you strong. You tell him the food isn't for you, but he insists on getting the Cabbage Cakes. Your options are:

  • I'll take the CABBAGE CAKES.
Douglas thinks it's a good choice! He advises you to eat them often, and you'll grow stronger.
When you bring them to Julia, she'll be mad! You tell her about Douglas's teasing, but she wants to know why you got her it. She calls you a moron, and makes you leave.
  • I'll take the SALAD.
Douglas thinks you're a sissie for choosing Salad! What will Salad do for your strength? Nothing! He still thinks you're buying it for yourself, and teases you for it.
Julia loves it! She was thinking of getting Salad, and she compliments your intuition. You're glad that she's happy, and then you tell her about Douglas. She feels bad that he had to endure that for her. She thanks you, and rewards you with Formula A.

[edit] Fifth Quest

In this quest, Julia needs you to find her Black Grass. She needs it to make some bath oils. You can use any Black Grass for this quest (i.e., found on the ground, bought from Natalie, etc.). Once you get some, give it to her, and she'll reward you with 400G.

[edit] Sixth Quest

Byron asked Julia to help him find something, and Julia wants you to help her. Julia didn't really want to, but Byron looked very troubled, so how could she say no? She's busy, so she needs your help. Sounds like she wants you to do it for her! She agrees with you on that, but you aren't busy, so she figured you could do it. You decide to do it. She's glad you always help her out! The item Byron lost is a Sun Pendant. She says he lost it around the Harbor, and thinks it's "such a tragedy" that he lost it in such a big place. She's taking it pretty seriously. She tells you to bring it to her once you find it, since Byron asked her. That would mean she would take the credit! She'll reward you, so she doesn't think it matters. The Sun Pendant is near the ship at the port. Bring it to Julia. She'll thank you, but she'll still take the credit. Your reward is Pickles.

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