Harvest Moon 3

Front cover of Harvest Moon 3.


[edit] Basic Information

Platform: Gameboy Color
Genre: Fantasy RPG
Publisher: Natsume
Developer: Natsume
Theme: Anime
Perspective: Third Person
Rating: Everyone

[edit] Background

Harvest Moon GBC3: Boy Meets Girl was the sixth game to be released in North America. It was an instant success when it was released in October, 2001. There were many new features, including a whole new farming system and the addition of marriage.

[edit] Storyline

Your gender now will make a much larger difference in the gameplay! If you are male, you receive a message from Mr. Heinz explaining about a faraway friend who owns a successful farm on an island. But now he has passed away and left his farm for his daughter. Unfortunately, she doesn't know anything about farming. You are sent to go help her revive her father's farm.

If you are female, you used to live on a farm with your father, Henry, when you were young. Later you left to explore the world. But one day you hear word that your father has died, so you return to help take care of his farm. The problem is, you never really learned how to run a farm. But Mr. Heinz has said that he has a friend who is coming to help you.

[edit] Features

  • More Animals
  • Able to raise many horses
  • Specific tasks between the girl and boy farmer
  • Marriage
  • Part-time jobs
  • New locations

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