Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar

Game Infobox
Wind Bazaar - Japan Boxart.jpg
Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar
Developer(s)Marvelous Interactive
Publisher(s)Marvelous Interactive
Genre(s)Farm Simulation
Mode(s)Single Player
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)Japan: December 18, 2008
USA: July 27, 2010
Europe: TBA


[edit] Background

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is one of the newest Harvest Moon games for Nintendo DS. This game has a new cast of characters and a refreshing art style.

[edit] Storyline

Zephyr Town - A once thriving town, and essentially the modern day Rome. People from all walks of life visited just to trade at the bazaar. It's golden age long over, the bazaar is not what it used to be, with little to no customers. Maybe you can restore its former glory! Along the way you'll be able to have a farm of your own, and you'll also be able to try your hand a craftsmanship! You'll even be able to sell your projects at the bazaar.

[edit] Features

  • Being able to get married.
  • Compatible with Wifi.

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