Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl

The English cover of Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl.


[edit] Basic Information

Genre: Fantasy RPG
Publisher: Natsume
Developer: Marvelous Interactive
Release Date: Q2 2006 [North America]
Theme(s): Lifestyle
Perspective(s): First Person
Console: Playstation Portable

[edit] Release Dates

North America: 2006
Japan: December 8, 2005
Europe: 2006

[edit] Background

This game is a makeover of the Playstation games "Harvest Moon: Back to Nature" and "Harvest Moon for Girls". When you begin your game, you will get to choose which of the versions you want to play. The boy story does not have an ending while the girl's does. Not much has changed at all, but you can now choose between normal television screen size and a wide screen.

[edit] Features

  • Offers of many bachelors/bachelettes to marry.
  • Choice of male or female character.
  • Have a child.
  • Raise crops and animals in your own farm.
  • Participate in many different events and festivals.

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