Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Front cover of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature


[edit] Basic Information

Platform: Sony Playstation
Genre: Fantasy RPG
Publisher: Natsume
Developer: Natsume
Theme: Anime
Perspective: Third Person

[edit] Background

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature takes place in peaceful Mineral Town, which is a popular place for many newer Harvest Moon Games. There are many new events that you may encounter, some of them may even take years to occur. The bachelorettes that you may marry are the same as Harvest Moon 64. You can train your dog, mine, participate in festivals, and many more of the basic Harvest Moon aspects.

[edit] Storyline

You begin tired and confused, with only memories and dreams of your grandfather's great farming legacy. In those happy times you used to visit him on that farm in your youth. But now a decade has passed, and the local villagers don't seem to trust you, despite your trusted grandfather. The mayor generously decides to give you a chance, on the terms that you raise a wonderful farm and fit in with the villagers of Mineral Town. After three years, they will come together to see if you may stay. Will you be accepted?

[edit] Features

  • Marriage
  • Able to raise a farm
  • Must manage and control farm correctly
  • Make friends with the villagers

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