Grass Runeys

Raguna holding a Grass Runey
Grass runeys are green and they are the base of the Runey food chain. Tree runeys eat them, and they decrease in number easily in most areas. They grow by themselves, but begin to die when they are the most dominant type of runey in an area. Because of this, the areas will never be over-populated with Grass runeys. The best place to raise Grass Runeys are in the South District and the road to the Beach.

Grass runeys are, in my opinion, the toughest to revive out of them all.

The easiest way to revive them is to find a part of the town that has no Tree runeys, and place several of them there. Make sure to have a lot of Water or Rock runeys around, since they won't grow unless there is more of another type of Runey. That area should be filled with Grass runeys in about a week, if you keep the number of another type of runey except Tree runeys up.

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